MSC Skin Care + Home - Organic Glycerin Soap Lavender & Chamomile - 5.7 oz.

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By MSC Skin Care + Home

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MSC Skin Care + Home - Organic Glycerin Soap Lavender & Chamomile - 5.7 oz.

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MSC Skin Care + Home - Organic Glycerin Soap Lavender & Chamomile - 5.7 oz. (162 g.)

MSC Skin Care + Home Organic Glycerin Soap Lavender & Chamomile is gentle and soothing, using all of its ingredients to help comfort troubled skin.  It is great for all skin types, including sensitive and baby.

Ranked as one of the best bar soaps by Metropolis Soap fans, this simple soap is made from ingredients that are eco certified and certified by the Soil Association as made with 100% certified organic oils. Metropolis Soap's luxury soaps are made without parabens or sulfates, making them safe for most skin types.

  • Great For All Skin Types, Especially Sensitive & Baby Skin
  • Made with Certified 100% Organic Oils Palm Oil
  • Paraben, Sulfate & Cruelty Free
  • Vegan & Eco-Friendly
  • Aloe Nourishes, Chamomile Soothes & Coconut Oil Cleanses
  • Handmade in the USA

MSC Skin Care + Home FAQ

Why "MSC?"
“MSC” stands for their original name: Metropolis Soap Company. “Metropolis Soap” comes from a couple of different places: it's an homage to one of their favorite movies, Metropolis, and it's also an homage to their favorite city: New York.

How long does a bar of soap last?
Generally speaking, MSC soaps last just as long as store bought brands. There are some ways to keep it lasting longer than normal: Always use a soap dish so that air can circulate around the soap and keep it dry. Don't allow the soap to sit in water for long periods of time.

How does MSC color their soaps?
Their soaps are colored with herbs and herb-infused oils.

Are all MSC products vegan? How Vegan?
All of their products are vegan-friendly. They're safe for the most hardcore of vegans: they don't use beeswax, honey or other animal by-products.

Do MSC products "go bad?"
On the rare occasion that you've had a product of theirs longer than 2 years and haven't used it all up, they'd suggest tossing it and getting a new one.

Are MSC skincare products safe for all over the body?
Generally speaking, yes, they are safe for the body and face. However, you may have allergies to a particular ingredient so please try the product on a small patch of skin first. If any redness or irritation occurs, don't use the product.

What are MSC's ethics?
MSC believes animals are awesome and should not be affected by them selling their products to you. Therefore, MSC does not test on animals and make a conscious effort to avoid leaving an imprint on the planet. They do not use Palm Oil specifically because of the decimation it causes to the rainforests and to orangutan habitats. MSC uses recycled packaging materials when shipping items to you when possible.

What makes MSC "green?"
All of their products are vegan. All ingredients are from sustainable and renewable resources. All product packaging is recyclable.

About MSC Skin Care + Home

Megan Brame, Owner and Head Formulator, had this to say about MSC Skin Care + Home.

"I wish I could say that MSC Skin Care + Home came from a well-thought out plan, from a hardened business mind, but in all actuality, I think it just came about from my fear of being 'the smelly kid.'

I had always loved skin care and beauty products, and when I found out that they could be made by hand, I jumped at the chance. After a decade of research, turning my family into very eager guinea pigs, Metropolis Soap Company was launched in February 2009.

In late 2013, after receiving a humbling amount of good vibes and press mentions, the team I am so lucky to work with and I decided to start over from scratch and take it back to the basics. The products we loved got a makeover and in 2014 the name went from ‘Metropolis Soap Company’ to ‘MSC Skin Care + Home’, something we thought better encapsulated our collection of products.

We’re proud to bring you the finest collection of products for your bath, body and home. Our products are handmade in Brooklyn, NY and feature a pretty crazy assortment of custom fragrance blends, all made in-house (we are a pro-coffee kind of people). We always welcome your feedback and hope you love our collection of artisan goods as much as we love making them for you."

*glycerin, water, *sodium palmatate, sorbitol, *sodium cocoate, decyl glucoside, sodium chloride, *palm fatty acid, parfum (* = certified organic ingredient)

Small Batch, Handmade & Vegan

Paraben & Sulfate Free

Made with Certified 100% Organic Oils


Brooklyn, NY,
Phone: 347-554-SOAP
Email: Click here
Visit website

About MSC Skin Care + Home

Based in Brooklyn, NY, MSC Skin Care + Home believe scent is an art form that can capture a moment and create memories. They craft their natural artisan skincare and home fragrances using unique scent fusions and effective herbal remedies, without parabens, sulfates or microplastics.

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