Piggy Paint - 3-D Nail Art Princess - 1 Sheet(s)

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Piggy Paint - 3-D Nail Art Princess - 1 Sheet(s)

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Piggy Paint 3-D Princess Nail Art - 1 Sheet 

Love Piggy Paint? Decorate your fingernails and toenails with Piggy Paint's 3-D Princess Nail Art! Piggy Paint's 3-D Princess Nail Art is the perfect accessory to add to your purchase to complete that special gift or just to treat yourself! Piggy Paint recommends using their Topcoat or Glass Slippers nail polish to seal in your 3-D Princess Nail Art design. Piggy Paint's 3-D Princess Nail Art is not intended for children under 5 years of age.

Piggy Paint Nail Polish
Piggy Paint is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls. Piggy Paint's non-toxic, hypoallergenic formula makes it a kid-friendly nail polish that is safe to use on all piggies. Piggy Paint Nail Polish dries to a hard, durable finish that can easily be removed with Piggy Paint's eco-friendly, low odor Piggy Paint nail polish remover. Piggy Paint Nail Polish is free of toxic chemicals, formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone. Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint Nail Polish...it's as Natural as Mud!

One day while Melanie Hurley, founder of Piggy Paint, was painting nails with her daughter over a foam plate, her daughter dropped a glob of solvent-based polish onto the plate. Shortly after, the paint began to bubble and “ate” through the plate. Melanie looked in dismay at the hole in the plate and decided to test all of her daughter's other “kid” polishes on the foam. Within minutes, ALL of the solvent-based polishes began to bubble and eventually left big holes in the plate. From that day on, Melanie decided that any flammable substance that could eat through foam was unacceptable for her children’s fingernails, which would inevitably end up in their mouths.

Melanie's quest was on, and Piggy Paint was born. As you may have guessed, Melanie's Piggy Paint polish is NOT flammable and sits beautifully on the unaffected foam. Melanie hopes you enjoy this water-based polish that is specially formulated of natural ingredients. Finally, a kid-friendly/pet-friendly polish without the accompanying drawbacks of traditional polishes. Piggy Paint is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone... and made in the USA!

Why is Piggy Paint Nail Polish the safe nail polish?

  • Non-toxic
  • Low Odor
  • Water-based formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fun, vibrant colors
  • Dries to a hard, durable finish
  • Cruelty-free
  • Safe for use during Pregnancy!

Since most young children are squirmy during the drying process of any polish, Piggy Paint suggests singing songs to pass the time. Two rounds of the “ABC’s” should make 60 seconds pass by very quickly. Make “Piggy Painting” a bonding experience for you and your child.

Do I have to use a blow dryer to dry her nails?
No, but it is recommended for maximum chip resistance. Since Piggy Paint is water-based and does not contain harsh chemicals, it takes longer for its ultimate hardness to be reached. The blow dryer just speeds up this process. Another alternative is to wait and polish your child’s nails after bath time, before they go to bed. This will allow the polish to cure overnight.

Piggy Paint As a Learning Tool:

Fine Motor Skills
Let your child paint your fingernails or toenails. If you’re worried about it looking (well, like a child painted your nails), opt for the toenails…you can always put socks on in public! This helps with her fine-motor skills and gives her a chance to exert her independence.

Color Names
Are you trying to teach your child color names? Paint her nails with the specific color you’re working on (such as red) and declare it a “Red Day”. All day long, point out objects in her environment that match her nails, and encourage her to do the same. Wear red clothes, add red foods to mealtime and use a bath color tablet to make her bath water red. Once she’s mastered that color, paint her piggies a new color.

Recognizing different types of patterns is a hard concept learn for children to learn, so why not put patterns right at their fingertips? For example, if you’re working on simple patterns, alternate blue and yellow “Piggy Paint” on her fingers. As you go through the day, help her to make patterns with her toys, M&M‘s, crayons, beads…use your creativity. Have her refer to her fingernails for help. Start out with color patterns and then attempt other categories, such as big doll, little doll, big doll, etc. Ready for harder patterns? Move to three different colors or alternate pink, purple, purple, pink, and so on.

School Colors
Does your daughter play any sports? Perhaps she has a favorite high school, collegiate, or professional team she cheers for. If so, paint her nails with her team’s colors to show her support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Piggy Paint wear the same as traditional polish?
Piggy Paint typically wears a couple days shy of solvent-based polishes when applied as directed. Wear depends of on the type of nails, the activities the nails are involved in (polish obviously doesn't wear as well on children because they are so hard on their nails), and how the polish is applied. 

For maximum chip resistance, Piggy Paint recommends the following application instructions:

  • Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Apply 2 -3 thin coats of Piggy Paint, Air dry 60 seconds.
  • Blow dry polished nails for 1 minute with hair dryer set on warm heat/low blower setting.  Since Piggy Paint polish is water-based, it takes longer to cure and the blow dryer speeds up this process.  For safety purposes, please follow manufacturer’s instructions on blow dryer and always monitor your child.  (Tip: Sing 2 rounds of ABC's while blow drying for added fun!)

Use Piggy Paint Primecoat for added scratch resistance and Piggy Paint Topcoat for added chip resistance. A little more effort is required to apply all three products, though the result is well worth the extra time. Since Piggy Paint polish does not contain the harsh chemicals found in solvent-based polishes, do not expect it to wear exactly the same (but pretty close). Piggy Paint's customers tell them it is well worth the trade-off for a non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless alternative!   

Why is Piggy Paint as Natural as Mud?
Piggy Paint is as Natural as Mud in the sense that every ingredient in the polish is biodegradable with no traces or residues left behind, thus it would make an excellent addition to your mulch pile. The acrylic resins are present in the polish in the form of latexes-emulsions in water-very similar in form and function to milk. The term "resin" is quite generic and refers to any polymer which can form a film as it dries. In this sense, proteins, celluloses, sugars, and DNA, to name a few "natural" polymers, are resins and none of these are any less harmful than the resins Piggy Paint uses in their polish.

Why does my nail polish look milky? Is it still safe to use?
Some of the polishes may have a milky appearance that will disappear upon drying. The polish is still fine to use and will appear vibrant on your nails.

What should I do if there is separation in the nail polish?
Although separation is very minor, occasionally a light ring of color will appear at the top of the bottle. Simply shake the bottle to mix the polish.

What is the shelf life of Piggy Paint nail polish?
Piggy Paint has a shelf life of several years, though there may be a slight tendency for the polish to thicken as the months go by. To correct this, add a drop or two of water to the bottle and give it a good shake!

What should I do if my polish thickens up?
If thinning is needed, add 1 or 2 drops of water, and shake well. For best results, gently remove any nail polish clumps present on the brush with a paper towel.

Is there anything toxic in the nail polish?
No. There are no toxic chemicals. The resins are polyacrylic latexes with residual monomers well below 100 parts per million. The only co-solvent is a diglycol ether. All colorants are FDA-certified for cosmetic use.

Which glycol ethers are used in the polish?
While there are some indications that two glycol ethers, monomethyl and monobutyl ethylene glycol,  may have some potential for harm, the diethylene and dipropylene glycol ethers as a class have been proven safe for human contact. Of these two classes, Piggy Paint has chosen to use monobutyl diethylene glycol because of its high boiling point (low flammablility), it's approval for use in California as a non-VOC solvent, its water solubility and its biodegradability.

What should be done to prepare nails before putting on the polish?
Simply, clean nails with Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover or soap and water. Healthy nails naturally produce a mixture of oils and proteins, which serve to protect, beautify and enhance their appearance. Normal nail polishes remove these substances from the nails, requiring the user to prepare their nails with other products. However, since Piggy Paint Nail Polish is a waterborne polish, it does not remove the oils so your nails and your pets' nails remain strong and healthy.

How long will it take for my nails to dry?
Piggy Paint dries to a tack-free state nearly as fast as regular polish, though it takes longer to reach its ultimate hardness. Piggy Paint recommends using multiple thin coats since they will dry faster than one thick coat. If your hands are cold, the temperature is cool, or there is high humidity in the area, it may take longer for the coats to dry.

How hard is it to remove the polish? Do I need nail polish remover?
Piggy Paint can be removed within 1-3 days with rubbing alcohol. Afterwards, the polish becomes increasingly more difficult to remove, particularly for dry, porous nails or toenail, and a nail polish remover is necessary. Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover is specially formulated for our polish, though it will remove solvent-based polishes as well. Soak nails for 30 seconds with a cotton ball saturated with Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover.

Will Piggy Paint Nail Polish stains come out of carpet?
On the carpets the people at Piggy Paint tested, Piggy Paint Nail Polish was easily removed, as long as the stain was taken care of quickly (before it dries). Piggy Paint has had several customers praise Piggy Paint for not ruining their hardwood floors, as well as their carpets. This is not a guarantee; but you have a much better chance of saving your floors with Piggy Paint Nail Polish, since solvent-based polish stains set in immediately.

Is Piggy Paint polish gluten, soy and nut free?
Yes, their polish is gluten, soy, and nut free. Their nail polish is not a food product, not manufactured in a food processing plate, and is not meant for ingestion, therefore does not contain any food allergens.
Are Piggy Paint products cruelty-free?
Yes, their products are cruelty-free and do not contain any animal by-products.

Suggested Use

Paint nails with Piggy Paint Nail Polish. Select the design of your preference. Gently separate nail sticker with fingernail and apply on the nail. Apply Piggy Paint Topcoat or Glass Slippers polish to seal design. For maximum chip resistance, blow dry polished nails for 1 minute on warm heat/low blower setting.

Choking Hazard: Not intended for children under 5.

One (1) sheet of Piggy Paint Princess 3-D Nail Art design.

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About Piggy Paint

My name is Melanie Hurley, founder of Piggy Paint. I am a stay-at-home mom with two very fancy little girls, ages 5 and 7, who love to have their fingernails painted. I’ve always hated the thought of my kiddos putting their hands in their mouths after I painted their nails with traditional kid polishes. Not only did the ingestion of the chemicals worry me, but the smell nearly left me light-headed after painting two sets of fingernails and toenails.

From my heart to yours, I hope Piggy Paint takes the worry out of painting your nails and puts the fun back into this enjoyable activity you can share with your daughter and other precious girls in your life.

Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint…it’s as Natural as Mud!

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