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Duggan Sisters - LifeStinks Deodorant Powder Regular Strength Lavender - 4.5 oz.

Item #:129376

By Duggan Sisters

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Duggan Sisters - LifeStinks Deodorant Powder Regular Strength Lavender - 4.5 oz.

  • Item# : 129376
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  • Brand: Duggan Sisters
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Duggan Sisters LifeStinks Regular Strength Deodorant Lavender - 4.5 oz. (126g)

Duggan Sisters LifeStinks Regular Strength Lavender is good for you, good for the planet and actually works. Duggan Sisters LifeStinks Regular Strength Lavender is made with just three simple ingredients: aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Duggan Sisters LifeStinks Regular Strength Lavender offers 100% coverage without any toxins. Duggan Sisters LifeStinks Regular Strength Lavender comes in an eco-friendly, refillable stainless-steel decanter with a 6-9 month supply of deodorant powder. Yep, that means Duggan Sisters LifeStinks Regular Strength Lavender costs a few dollars a month to get started and even less once you start refilling. Congratulations! By joining the lifestinks family, you have reduced your carbon footprint, improved your health and put the kibosh on B.O.

Duggan Sisters have worked with Australian botanists to ensure their botanical oils are pure, gentle and effective. Lavender, when combined with tea tree, evokes a clean, vivid, fresh sensation that offers gentle dryness while allowing for healthy perspiration.

Duggan Sisters LifeStinks Regular Strength Lavender:

  • Works. Stay dry and odor-free with top-quality, safe ingredients.
  • Can be refilled. Its revolutionary delivery system is good for the planet.
  • Won't stain. It washes out completely.
  • Tackles other odors: Try it as a foot powder.
  • In a pinch? Use it as toothpaste.
  • Aluminum, fragrance and talc free

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in lifestinks™ deodorant?
The base ingredient is aluminum free sodium bicarbonate. This is not the baking soda that can be purchased at the grocery store as that product contains aluminum. Into their aluminum free sodium bicarbonate they crush pure Australian botanical oils: tea tree oil to address odor causing bacteria and either lavender or cedarwood, depending upon the product you chose, to further purify the underarm area.

When can I shave?
They recommend that women start with their lavender lifestinks as so many women shave their underarm, and lavender has soothing properties for the skin. Remember, no deodorant should be applied immediately after shaving, including theirs. Until you determine your personal comfort level, try to separate the two activities (shaving and applying deodorant). Some ladies are able to apply to a dry armpit shortly after shaving, others shave the night before and apply deodorant to a clean armpit in the morning. Proceed with caution to keep your pits comfortable.

Can lifestinks deodorant be used on feet?
Both of their botanical infusions work very effectively as foot powders, and are highly prized by customers who have never found anything more effective in addressing foot odor, athlete’s foot and other fungal conditions. Simply sprinkle it on your feet before putting on shoes, socks or sandals. They have had lots of Mom’s report that they sprinkle it in all their kids’ shoes.

Why do they use Australian botanical oils?
No worries, mate! They pay a premium for the use of Australian oils because they are considered among the finest in the world. Australian botanicals are regulated by their version of the FDA and have to meet high standards of purity.

Here is some additional information on their product’s purity.
They buy their oils from a company that has an on-site laboratory where all essential oils undergo rigorous testing and analysis. This is done using the latest in Quality Assurance with Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) equipment to accurately analyze each and every batch of essential oils they produce.

Stinky, stained & searching?
Take a minute to ponder a few questions about your current deodorant.

  1. Does your deodorant leave your clothing stained and stinky — even after laundering or dry cleaning?
  2. Do you find that your deodorant often fails you by mid-day? Are you actually carrying deodorant with you for touch-ups throughout the day?
  3. Do you find yourself buying increasingly stronger deodorants that still don’t get the job done?
  4. Have you ever had a hard time getting your deodorant to come off in the shower?
  5. Are you worried by reports of cancer being linked to deodorant use?
  6. Are you concerned by press reports that the aluminum in your anti-perspirant might be linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders?
  7. Do you know what the chemical ingredients in your deodorant even mean?
  8. Do you worry about the environmental impact of all the deodorant containers you’re throwing away each year?
  9. Do you have a drawer filled with natural deodorants that you purchased only to discover they didn’t get the job done?
  10. Have you ever noticed how little deodorant is actually contained in your roll-on?

Solutions & savings
Can you really afford the deodorant you are currently using? Your investment in lifestinks deodorant puts money in your pocket!

  1. Have you checked out the price per ounce of the deodorant you currently use? A recent trip to our local drug store revealed that commercial deodorants range in price from $2.00 – $6.00 an ounce.
  2. Can you afford the increased dry cleaning and laundering expenses?
  3. Can you afford the cost of replacing clothing damaged by underarm stains?
  4. Can you afford the lost peace of mind — wondering if your deodorant or anti-perspirant might actually be making you sick?
  5. Can you afford the embarrassment and frustration of mid-day odor breakthroughs?
  6. Want to recession-proof the cost of your personal care products? Lifestinks can be shared by the whole family and works great as a foot powder, too!

Have fun choosing the best version of lifestinks™ for you!
You have flavor and strength options.

Which flavor is right for you?
The Duggan Sisters have created two botanical infusions for you to choose from. Their lavender infusion remains their biggest seller and it is available in both Regular Strength blue label or Extra Strength green label. Their cedarwood infusion, also available in Regular Strength red label and Extra Strength orange label is perfect for folks who just don’t like lavender. They find both infusions are gender neutral, with men and women selecting comfortably from both lines. They are big fans of the extra healing properties of lavender and still recommend it for folks with fair skin and light hair and eye color; but, the choice is yours. Or consider a yin/yang approach to your deodorant needs: switch back and forth between the two lines on different days.

Which strength is right for you?
The Duggan Sisters have created two ways for you to increase the strength of your deodorant. They always suggest that you start out slowly and gently by selecting a Regular Strength formulation — their deodorant is powerful. If you are having any breakthrough odor at the end of a few days using the regular strength of either infusion, then add one dot of the matching deodorant booster oil stinkstick™ to your regimen, followed of course with the dry powder. Never wear your stinkstick without the dry version of lifestinks. This combination will do the trick for even the biggest stinkers.

If you are consistently applying the stinkstick then you might want to consider upgrading to the Extra Strength in either line. This frequently makes it possible to forego your stinkstick altogether.

Share and Share Alike:
Remember, their products are designed for family members to share. While one member might get perfect coverage with Regular Strength, another might need to add in a stinkstick. They think it’s a nifty solution.

Hold Onto That StinkStick
Whatever you do, when your lifestinks no longer needs a boost, keep your stinkstick near at hand. It is great to dab on bug bites as it quickly relieves the burning itch, redness and welts that occur. It’s also great on zits. Keep it in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit for all purpose wound care. Long after you no longer need it for your pits, you will be repurposing it time and time again.

Attention Clinical Strength Customers:
If you are a currently wearing a commercial Clinical Strength Antiperspirant, then you might want to use both the Extra Strength lifestinks dry formula with a matching stinkstick until your lymphatic system has had a chance to recuperate. With repeated wearing, lifestinks users commonly report that they are able to scale back their deodorant needs and often move quickly to getting perfect coverage with the Regular Strength dry formula lifestinks. They even have long-term users who report successfully skipping a day between deodorant applications and experiencing no odor whatsoever — an unheard of occurrence with commercial deodorants.

Hope this helps you get started making your switch to lifestinks deodorant. Still uncertain? Pick up a selection of lifestinks everywhere™ and play around with your options at home. A sampling of lifestinks everywhere travel containers is also a great way to gift their products while allowing your family and friends to make their own choice on flavor and strength. Enjoy!

Who wears lifestinks?
Lifestinks is completely unisex and safe for all ages. Spend a few minutes with the Sisters to learn what kind of folks are happy lifestinks users.

They love big stinkers
Hey big stinkers, there’s no need to worry about breakthrough odor with lifestinks™™ deodorant. They’ve created their stinkstick™ so you can boost the power of lifestinks deodorant. You’re back in charge of odor. Their sleek and ultra chic mini roll-on gives you the opportunity to go for the gusto when you need to. Simply roll a smidge of stinkstick booster oil on your fingertip and apply to armpit. Follow with lifestinks dry deodorant.

  • Their stinksticks contain 110 applications of the same pure Australian botanical oils that deeply infuse their dry lifestinks deodorant.
  • Their stinksticks come in both lavender and cedarwood infusions.
  • Make certain that your stinkstick infusion matches your dry deodorant.
  • The addition of their stinkstick is a winning one two punch combating the bacteria that causes odor.
  • Their stinksticks are not designed to combat wetness — that’s the job of their pure sodium bicarbonate. Stinksticks must be followed with their dry lifestinks deodorant.
  • Their stinkstick is a must for stressful days and challenging synthetic fabrics.
  • Their stinkstick make it possible for people with different degrees of body odor to share their product.

Travel with confidence to the stickiest climates. Their stinkstick is the perfect mini companion to your lifestinks everywhere. Along with their super thrifty gusseted refill bags, a stinkstick makes your lifestinks purchase an environmentally sound, safe and effective deodorant choice.

User guidelines
They want you to transition successfully to their lifestinks™ deodorant. Here is some advice they hope helps.

Have I chosen the right flavor?
They recommend that women start with their lavender lifestinks as so many women shave their underarm, and lavender has soothing properties for the skin. Remember, no deodorant should be applied immediately after shaving, including theirs. Click here for more information on deodorant and shaving. Their lavender is a beautifully balanced product that is both highly effective and gentle.

If you are very sensitive and fair-skinned — male or female — they would suggest that you start with their lavender infusion because of its gentle quality. Learn more about which variety of lifestinks deodorant is right for you here.

Other product choices you make can affect your experience of their deodorant.

  • Your answers to the following questions give us lots of information about the toxic load your body is carrying.
  • What body cleanser do you use?
  • What skin lotion do you use?
  • What brand or brands of cosmetics do you use?
  • Do you wear an under wire bra? How many hours a day? For how many years?
  • Have you had Manual Lymphatic Drainage performed?
  • Is there Spandex in your underwear or clothing?
  • What brand of laundry detergent do you use?
  • Do you ever have any of your clothing dry cleaned?

Had a reaction to their deodorant? Let’s get you comfortable.
Wash your pits at least twice a day with their extra gentle GET OUTBACK AND WASHUP™ Tea Tree Oil soap. Discontinue use immediately and weather the storm. Temporarily use corn starch for a small measure of wetness and odor protection.

Take a long hard look at your diet and clean it up! Meat, fish, poultry and dairy can contribute to body odor.

An eruption in your armpits can be a sign of Candida Albicans, a yeast and bacteria imbalance. There are wonderful healthy ways to manage this imbalance.

Your lymph is holding onto old deodorants. Soaking helps lymph to soften and release stored toxins. 20 minutes in a smartsoak™ rebuilds joints, moisturizes skin, improves brain function and restores muscle tissue.

More information on redness and rash — In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) rash is heat and heat is a part of the natural purification process commonly called detoxification.
Think of the body throwing off sickness in the form of rashes, pimples, pustules, boils, abscesses — aren’t the words themselves just disgusting. Heat in the armpit is red and hot and uncomfortable — but just think about what is probably stored in the lymphatic system that we all commonly call the armpits. Think about everything that you have rubbed, sprayed, and rolled onto that area. Think about how many years you have been doing it. Baby, it ain’t pretty. Trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, they’ve had their hands in plenty of armpits and had to deal with plenty of lumpy, bumpy, dysfunctional lymph nodes that they believe to be contaminated with you know what. Remember their deodorant is designed to stimulate lymphatic function, while it keeps you fresh. Their experience has been that once you stop putting toxins into or on your body, your body responds immediately by trying to get rid of stored toxins.

That detoxification process can contribute to itchy armpits for some individuals.
Itch is part of the body getting rid of stuff is doesn’t want, doesn’t need, and can’t process.

Discoloration and scabbing
They know, they know, how much more of this disgusting discussion can you be expected to endure? Please bear with me, a moment more. Some people are so toxic that they even get a scab in their armpits — a really horrific, but harmless, measure of just how toxic an individual can become. They had one client complain that their deodorant simply did not wash off when she was showering. They knew that was patently ridiculous, knowing what happens to sodium bicarbonate when water hits it — but this lady did indeed get a scab on her armpit when she began to use their deodorant. Now here they want to stress that this a very rare reaction. They encouraged her to stay the course and she is now scab free and a very committed user of their product. They would like, though, to give just the tiniest profile of her health: smoker, eater of nothing but absolute junk food, rarely sleeps, never exercises — you get the picture. HER LIFE WAS THE PITS and the only gesture she was making towards change was switching to their deodorant — a lot to ask of one’s armpit or their deodorant.

Special note to people of color:
Some African American clients have experienced a discoloration of their armpits that resembles a bruise after a few weeks of using their product. Some of them have been concerned and discontinued use. Others have called us, weathered the detox and gone on to become dedicated users of lifestinks. Here’s the thing, blood rushes to the scene of the crime, and it is criminal what people have been doing to their armpits. Once the body gets the message that no more junk is going to be applied, aka somebody switches to their lifestinks Deodorant, the body sends blood to the scene of the crime. It’s all part of detox — a strange and wonderful body process. They are self-healing, self-cleansing machines!

Allergic reactions
They consider this to be primarily a matter of semantics. To those of us convinced of the wisdom of taking a more natural and long term approach to our health care, there is the belief that allergies are nothing more than our immune systems being horribly overworked or shut down altogether. Generally this is an indicator that it is time to do a liver cleanse or double-check food intake. They know Allergists will be up in arms over this. But They know from allergies — They used to suffer horribly from debilitating spring and fall allergies. Now committed to a primarily vegan raw lifestyle They live completely allergy free. They hope this simple wisdom aids your life decisions.

In conclusion, finally, enough about armpits already!
They say to you when you get a heat rash and itching, discoloration or a scab — please don’t jump ship. Think long and hard about your lifestyle, what you eat, how long you have worn toxic products, how many toxic products you might still be using as perfumes, hair care products, laundry detergent, skin lotions and toothpastes. They know your first instinct is to challenge the purity of their product. They can assure you that it contains no known toxins. They are absolutely candid, despite the advice of their lawyers, about what it contains. Frankly, you can brush your teeth with it in a pinch. It is so safe, you don’t have to worry about pets or small children licking up any that might fall to the floor during application.

They have watched many customers, friends and family members weather the transition successfully. Whatever you do, please don’t return to the toxic products that line the shelves. You have to start somewhere on your healing journey.

The Duggan Sisters: An inspiring brand for the challenging times we live in.

When sisters Mary and Annie Duggan formed their company in December of 2003, they named themselves The Soul Sisters. They could just as appropriately have called themselves the soul survivors. Perhaps the word that best describes the Duggan Sisters is RESILIENCE. Spiritual, emotional, and physical resilience underlies the classes they teach, the products they make, and the message of hope and renewal that is the Duggan brand. And of course stories of victory over the odds, their own and others’, that define the Duggan Sisters experience.

“When Annie and I joined forces professionally in 2003 the press releases, had there been any, should have read HALF DEAD AND BRAIN DEAD JOIN FORCES” says Mary, President and one-half of the original Duggan Sisters team. “But, we jumped into the fray and there has been no looking back.”

The Duggan Sisters brand is the inspiring story of sisters determined to beat the odds and take others along for the ride. Mary is a former educator, administrator, and designer who sustained a traumatic brain injury in December of 2000 when she fell down two flights of stairs and into a whole new world. Annie had 20 years invested in the mortgage and banking industry when a mysterious immune malfunction derailed her career and her life in the summer of the same year.

Being victims was never an option for the Duggan Sisters; so, they combined their weakened but still substantial skill sets to prove that there had to be a better way than the hopeless or diminished prognosis medicine frequently had to offer. What they learned about healing both body and soul, and their special training in lymphatic wellness, infuses their health message and the amazing products that grew organically from their own personal journeys to wholeness.

In their own words: “In March of 2006, as we prepared to launch our first website, we wanted a new name that reflected an important change in our lives — namely our new home. The Rose Cottage in Beverly was chosen to reflect the sort of place we’d needed to find when we were really sick and struggling — a cottage, a retreat, a sanctuary — the sort of place, as well, that we wanted to offer to others. Little did we know at the time that it would also reflect the sorts of cottage industry products that we had needed ourselves and were destined to make for others as well.”

Unable to find a natural deodorant that worked, and keenly aware of its importance to lymphatic wellness, the Sisters focused their combined energies and cracked the code on natural deodorant, creating lifestinks™: a natural deodorant that actually works. Determined to make a go of it despite the rough economy, they pooled all of their resources — even sharing a home and a car —and established their “empire” in the basement of The Rose Cottage.

Having jumped into the oftentimes rough and tumble world of natural products, there have been no regrets and no looking back for Mary and Annie. In 2010 lifestinks deodorant even drew a third sister into the fray with Clare Duggan returning from a 15-year stint as a marketing consultant in the Netherlands to help her sisters put their family business on the map. Now three sisters share the same house, the same car and the same dream.
Determined to distinguish themselves in the multi-million natural deodorant marketplace, and knowing they were three female Davids up against Goliath, the sisters went for the gusto, delivering a product that not only meets, but also exceeds, what anyone else has ever accomplished with natural deodorant. The philosophy that underscored each and every decision they made was a deep belief in the intelligence, integrity and idealism of their customers. Along with absolute purity, guaranteed efficacy, and incomparable price points, they wanted to make it easier for folks to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle.

“The Rose Cottage has been our home and our headquarters since 2006 — we trust as well that it has been a place of comfort and hope for others. We hope you are nourished by the information, products, and stories we have made available to you on our website. We intend to maintain our commitment to integrity and growth. We trust and hope that you will become regular visitors to our site site. We promise to do our best to always offer product innovation, information, and inspiration.”

Suggested Use

Find the dots on the side of the lid. Gently twist and lift the lid from the "L" lock. Fill the can with the complete six-month supply of dry deodorant. When opening the can to refill, remove any excess dry deodorant with a cotton swab. To close the lid, line up the dots with the "L" lock and push down gently. A slight turn will lock the lid. Be gentle with the simple "L-shaped" lock. Please note: Oil may have sweated through the plastic bag. No worries! Fill as directed. Use sparingly. Sprinkle dry deodorant into hand and gently pat onto armpits. The stainless steel decanter has a sifter that is sanitary by design so the whole family can share.


Sodium bicarbonate, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)

Chicago, IL,
Phone: 773-341-4246
Email: Click here
Visit website

About Duggan Sisters

The Duggan Sisters are Chicago gals determined to beat the odds and take others along for the ride. the Duggan Sisters cracked the code, creating lifestinks: a natural deodorant that actually works. What they learned about healing both body and soul, and their special training in lymphatic wellness, infuses their health message and the amazing products that grew organically from their own personal journeys to wholeness. The Sisters went on to create lifestings bug repellent. This amazing product is fueled by organic catnip oil, scientifically proven to be 10 times more effective than DEET, and delivered in a luscious organic body lotion. Visit their website to enjoy stories of victory over the odds - their own and others' - that define the Duggan Sisters experience.

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