DeVita - Chamomile Cleansing Creme - 5 oz.

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DeVita - Chamomile Cleansing Creme - 5 oz.

  • Item# : 128322
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DeVita Chamomile Cleansing Creme - 5 oz. (150 mL)

DeVita Chamomile Cleansing Creme gently removes daily grime and residue without using water or suds. DeVita Chamomile Cleansing Creme removes most make-up - may require two applications to remove heavier eye make-up.

DeVita Chamomile Cleansing Cream was created by popular demand. DeVita had a group of health conscious customers who loved using waterless cleansers, but who wanted to replace their toxic mainstream waterless cleansing product, which was full of SLS's, Butylene Glycol, EDTA and Parabens etc, with a natural alternative . Well here is the answer to that request- DeVita Chamomile Cleansing Crème with Calendula! DeVita Chamomile Cleansing Crème is a soothing, extra gentle fragrance free cleansing crème that clears away daily impurities and make-up with ease. DeVita’s proprietary blend of pure plant extracts — including Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Calendula — helps maintain the skins natural pH moisture balance for ideal support and natural glow. DeVita Chamomile Cleansing Cream leaves skin feeling dewy-soft, supple and comfortably clean - without any greasy or oily residue left behind. And no waterworks are required! - So toss out that old toxic standby and get a water-free clean that truly is clean!

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I see results with DeVita?
You should start seeing results within 7- 10 days with most DeVita products. For significant change to be noticed with Hyperpigmentation (Sun Damage Repair Serum, Skin Brightening Serum), you will need patience and at least 8 -10 weeks to start to see results.

Are DeVita products safe for sensitive skin?
DeVita was designed to cater to those with skin sensitivity issues. Dr. DeVita herself suffers with sensitive skin and that is what motivated her to create DeVita Natural Skincare in the first place! So you will never find irritating synthetic fragrances or other harsh chemicals in DeVita. Please always do a recommended patch test to ensure that all products work with your skin type. Test in a small, side area to confirm your success with each product. Your skin is like your finger print, particular to only you.

How young can you/should you start using DeVita products?
The skin is considered mature by the age of 28. So starting your skin care regime as early as possible is recommended. Beginning at age 25, we recommend using skin specific treatment products as a preventative measure, twice a year to start (perhaps at spring and fall), increasing as needs arise. They recommend starting a regular cleansing and toning regime twice daily in the early teens, with regular exfoliation (1-2 times per week), acne treatment pads if necessary, followed by their Solar Protective Moisturizer 30 before going outside. Guarding your skin against sun damage is the most important anti-aging action you can take. Of course, along with good external habits, you must also have good internal habits, such as getting enough restful sleep, eating fresh organic foods, limiting your sugar, and processed food intake, and drinking fresh water. All of this is very important to your skin health and general well being.

Is it a SPF rated sun block?
Yes – DeVita sunscreen formulas are tested using the USFDA Monograph Sun Protection Factor Determination test. They submitted testing to the category SPF factor of 30+. Their lab tests show a stability rating of two (2) years.

Does DeVita use NANO technology?
No, none of DeVita product formulations use nanotechnology. In their solar products, we use cutting-edge, Non-Nano, uncoated, nearly transparent Micronized Zinc Oxide. It is the most advanced ZnO available. If you are reading old articles on how micronized zinc oxide cannot be nearly transparent etc, you are not up to speed on what is available now. That is their job, to do the research and stay ahead of the curve so that we can provide you the safest and best of what technology has to offer. Not all science is bad, and not all nature is good (think arsenic and deadly nightshade etc). Their ZnO has an average particle size of 250 nm (nano is considered under 100 nm, the difference between Micronized and Nanosized is like the difference between a Million= micro and a Billion= nano). Test studies show that their ZnO can be used to create formulations of greater than 30 SPF and PA greater than 10. It has a critical wavelength of 380 nm, which is further evidence of its ability to perform as a broad, full spectrum sunscreen (UVA/UVB). BUT it is important to note that there are many factors that affect the formulation of sun protection products: the careful selection of the active ingredients, the product form, the type of formulation used, and the constituents of that formulation. Specifically, the formulation of a sunscreen product is influenced by a number of specific considerations relating to the efficacy of the actives used. The formulator has to study the solubility of the sunscreen in the vehicle, look for synergy between filters, evaluate the rheological (how the product layers on the skin and creates a film former) and sensorial characteristics of the vehicle, and be cognizant of the photo stability of the active ingredients. When all of this is done correctly, it is possible to deliver a safe, effective product at a reasonable cost (exactly as we do here at DeVita!). An SPF level is NOT a simple factor of the percentage of sun screen in the vehicle of a cream or lotion.

Are the sun products safe for children?
DeVita considers both their solar protection products very safe for children, especially when compared to the toxic chemicals that are in the mainstream children’s sun blocks on the market today, that feature Octinoxate, Octisalate, Oxybenzone, not to mention the host of parabens etc. They use only micronized (not nano sized!) zinc oxide in a base of organic aloe vera with natural supporting ingredients. They use this product themselves and so do their families – we confidently recommend it to yours.

Do DeVita products contain parabens?
NO never have, never will. DeVita was one of the first companies to put out a paraben free product line. They were pioneers of the paraben-free concept and, in the beginning, it caused the company to grow slowly as various distribution channels were reluctant to take the risk of not having traditional preservative poisons in the products. They started to realize as more information became available, that we had created a process that would cause others to change their ways as well. They see many companies now changing their formulas to exclude parabens, but we have always known that parabens were not their friends! Parabens are not the only things we do not choose to include. They are always free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals, etc.

Can I layer products together?
Yes, you can layer up to three treatment products. Start from thinnest to thickest. As an example you would start with their Hyaluronic SeruGel first, then Sun Damage Repair Serum, and finish with Skin Brightening Serum. Just remember to layer thinnest to thickest! Please always do a recommended patch test to ensure that all products work together with your skin type. Test in a small, side area to confirm your success with each product. Your skin is like your finger print, particular to only you.

Are DeVita products tested on animals?
Absolutely not. DeVita is committed to protecting animals (everyone who works there is a huge animal lover they are like their children!). They are PETA certified, also members of LEAPING BUNNY, and Choose Cruelty Free (AU). For this reason, no finished product or products in the developing stage are ever tested using animals (only people!). They also work only with ingredient suppliers who are also willing to become PETA certified. The safe-use of all DeVita products is ensured by having a thorough understanding of ingredients used in their products (based on previous use, the ingredient’s own chemistry/history, etc). They also carry out real life tests on human volunteers to further ensure the safe use of all their products.

Are DeVita products vegan?
DeVita Natural Skin Care products are a 100% “vegan extreme” line – you will not find any animal renderings or animal byproducts in any of their products (many mainstream cosmetics contain large amounts of animal renderings which are used as fillers – ack!).  Nor will you find carmine colorant from the cochineal beetle.  You won’t find any shark cartilage derived Squalene (they use only olive derived Squalane), or rooster comb derived Hyaluronic acid (they use only HA that is probiotically derived through a process of bio-fermentation using potatoes as a primary catalyst source). Their absolute minerals color cosmetics line is nearly 100% “vegan extreme”, except for two products – absolute LIPS and absolute LENGTHS – which both contain small amounts of necessary natural beeswax from bees (which are classified as insects – wonderful insects!).  The natural beeswax gave superior performance, and was preferable to the use of the chemicals in synthetic beeswax.  They have chosen to label those two products as vegetarian.  While they always try to choose the “vegan extreme” route, for these two products, it was just not possible. Honey-Vegan vs Non-Honey Vegan is an old debate, and one that will likely continue forever with both sides claiming they are “right”, when really it is simply a right to choose.  DeVita stands by the fact that they do not test on animals, and they use no animal based products/byproducts, which means that DeVita still remains 100% animal free in both their lines.

What is the difference between vegan and vegetarian?
Vegetarian is a blanket term used to describe a person who does not consume animal flesh foods – meat, poultry, fish, or seafood. It generally implies someone who has less dietary restrictions than a vegan. Vegetarians can consume eggs, dairy products and honey/beeswax from the bees (insects) etc…  Vegan is the strictest extreme sub-category of vegetarians. Vegans do not consume any animal products or by-products. Some go as far as not even consuming honey/beeswax from bees (insects) or yeast, while some are classified as Honey-Vegans for whom the gift of honey/beeswax is humbly accepted and appreciated for its amazing health giving and performance properties.  Still others do not wear any clothing, or use furniture etc made from animal products.  It is a multi-sided issue to be sure, with many different passionately held opinions.  Honey-Vegan vs Non-Honey Vegan etc is an old debate, and one that will likely continue forever with both sides claiming they are “right”, when really it is simply a right to choose. The DeVita Skin Care line is 100% “vegan extreme” and does not contain any animal or bee insect by-products.  Their absolute minerals color cosmetics line is nearly 100% “vegan extreme”; except for two products – absolute LIPS and absolute LENGTHS – which both contain small amounts of necessary natural beeswax (preferable to the use of chemicals in synthetic beeswax).  They have chosen to label those two products as vegetarian; however, DeVita still remains 100% animal free in both their lines.

Is DeVita gluten free?
DeVita is considered a Gluten Sensitive Safe product line, as they use only the pure, non-synthetically extracted Vitamin E, Wheat amino acids etc. What has to be understood is that this chemistry is very precise. The gluten is isolated first and only the pure Vitamin E is extracted. The vitamin and the gluten come from two different parts of the whole. They never use whole Wheat Germ Oil in any of their formulas; they use only the pure, non-synthetically extracted Vitamin E and everything they work with is at the amino acid level. Because of this they are considered a Gluten Sensitive Safe line. Of course, as with any new product, customers should always do a patch test first to see if there is a compatibility issue. They never expect anyone to have a problem, but everyone’s skin is special, and although DeVita is designed to cater to those with skin sensitivity issues, it is always best to be safe as your skin is just like your finger prints, particular only to you.

Does DeVita use GMO ingredients?
No. DeVita does not believe in using GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), which are the result of laboratory processes which artificially insert foreign genes into the DNA of food crops or animals. Those genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals, or even humans. Although banned by food manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere, the FDA does not require any safety evaluations. Most Americans say they would not eat GMOs if labeled, but the U.S. does not require labeling. Testing of GMOs have shown they are not safe, but they have been in the food supply since 1996 and are now present in the vast majority of processed foods in the US. GMOs are affecting four major crops at this time. They are: Corn, Canola, Cotton and Soy (sugar beets are a new concern). DeVita does not use any of the first three (Corn, Canola, Cotton), and they use only non-GMO soy beans for their lecithin. To date, GMOs remain a very critical dietary concern, not a cosmetic concern; however, they reject any use of GMOs (internal or external) as they feel they are an assault against nature and against everything they believe in.

How long can I keep a product once its opened?
A specific symbol now appears on all DeVita packaging (outer box, tubes) and lets you know how long you can use your product after opening. This PAO (period after opening) is indicated within an open jar illustration that has a number inside followed by the letter M. For example, 24M corresponds to 24 months. This means that the product should be used within two years after opening. However, it is very important that products be stored with their caps closed tight, preferably away from heat and light.

Do I need to keep a product in a fridge?
No, however, it is very important that products be stored with their caps closed tight, preferably away from heat and light.

Are the containers recyclable?
Yes, DeVita boxes are made from recycled paper – recycle as paper. Their tubes are PET number 2 non-leaching recyclable plastic from Canada – recycle as number 2 plastic. Their glass bottles are glass recyclable – recycle with general glass – the frosted coloring harmlessly melts off during the recycle process. The over caps, pumps, sprayers etc, are number 6 polystyrene (which is recyclable, just not through mainstream channels. These items will be qualified for return under the DeVita Dividends program.

What does Hyaluronic Acid do and how does it work?
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is one of the most hydrophilic (water-loving!) molecules in nature, which is why it is often referred to as natures moisturizer. DeVita's oil-free SeruGel will quench thirsty skin cells by helping to deliver maximum amounts of Hyaluronic Acid (a 65% solution!) to the skin using their penetrating organic aloe vera delivery system. When we are young, our bodies produce mass amounts of this wonderful stuff that's why babies have those great plump, pinchable cheeks they are loaded with HA! However, as with everything else, our HA production slows way down as we age. Adding it back in to your regime will really help transform your skin by boosting the skin’s elasticity and suppleness, encouraging collagen and elastin production and minimizing the look of lines and wrinkles by helping to plump-up the skin (pinchable cheeks!). If you want to truly transform your skin, give this product a try in a word its amazing.

Where does Hyaluronic Acid come from?
DeVita's Hyaluronic SeruGel 65% solution contains 100% Hyaluronic acid (in a 65% solution) that is probiotically derived through the process of bio-fermentation. Potatoes are used as a primary catalyst source. DeVita is a vegan skin care line and never uses animal derived ingredients. Why is it blue? The beautiful blue color comes from their proprietary blend of marine peptides and natural seaweeds, which are important anti-aging support elements to their hydrating Hyaluronic SeruGel formula. There are never any colors added to DeVita products – product colors occur naturally based on ingredients used.

Does DeVita date their products?
All DeVita products have a 6-digit batch code lot number on them (found usually on the back of the product container, or on the top of the tube crimp). This batch code denotes the date of manufacture and the exact batch and vessel the product came from.
The first two digits designate the year the product was made.

The next three digits designate the Julian date that the product was made.

The Julian date is the number of the days that have elapsed since the beginning of that year. For example – the Julian date for January 31 is 031, and the Julian date for February 1st is 032 – because it is the 32nd day of the year. Many business calendars have the Julian date denoted in the following form – July 12th is 194/172 – The Julian date is 194 and there are 172 days left in the year.

The final digit is an internal number denoting the vessel the batch came in.

Example: If your code shows -111332 – it can be read as follows:
First two digits:
11 = Year of manufacture
Next three digits:
133 = Day of the year of manufacture from the Julian date calendar (133 = May 13th)
Last digit:
2 = Internal code to indicate which vessel the product was filled from.
Therefore, code 111332 tells us this product was manufactured on 2011, May 13th, and it came in vessel marked 2.
There is also a specific symbol appears on all DeVita packaging (outer box, tubes) that tells you how long you can use your product after opening. It is a PAO symbol (Period After Opening), which is denoted by an open jar illustration that has a number inside followed by the letter M. For example, 24M translates to 24 months. So this product carrying the batch code 111332 would be good until 2013, May 13th.
Of course normal use is expected, and standard care is important: Store products with caps tightly closed, away from high heat, or extraordinary humidity. Always use clean hands to apply to clean skin for best results.

About DeVita
DeVita Natural Skin Care and Color Cosmetics is wholly owned and operated by Cherylanne DeVita, Ph.D., President/CEO, and is a certified woman-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

DeVita Natural Skin Care and Color Cosmetics was incorporated as DeVita International, Inc. in 1998 in the state of Arizona as an Arizona S Corporation.  DeVita International, Inc. is a global manufacturing firm headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The company offers over 100 different DeVita Natural Skin Care products, absolute minerals™, a complete line of revolutionary aloe-infused mineral color cosmetics, and DeVita Rx, a professional line of skin care products sold exclusively through licensed professionals. DeVita Natural Skin Care and Color Cosmetics are available in exclusive medical spas, physician’s offices, natural retail stores throughout the United States and Canada and in many different countries.

The DeVita Story
Cherylanne DeVita, Ph.D., President and CEO of DeVita Natural Skin Care, suffered from chronic cystic acne for nearly her entire life, and then when her 40’s hit, so did the ravages of the Arizona sun she had lived in all her adult life.  After spending many hundreds of dollars on expensive “name brand” products, which did nothing except break down her bank account and break out her face, Cherylanne decided to use her background in chemistry to “deconstruct” those well known high priced potions. She discovered there was nothing in them that would do what they claimed, nor was there any ingredient used that should be so costly. And then, to top it all off, they were all loaded with poisons and toxic preservatives!

After that sad discovery, Cherylanne knew she had to take matters into her own hands. At that time, she had a small essential oils company, and she began working with organic aloe vera as a dynamic delivery system together with cutting edge advancements in active natural ingredients to create the beginnings of an effective natural products line. She began using them and getting great results, which all her family and friends noticed.  They of course demanded to be let in on her secret, so after exhaustive and extensive research and development – DeVita Natural Skin Care was born!

Devita Natural Skin Care has become (according to SPINS) the fastest growing all-natural, 100% PARBEN FREE, PETA Certified, Vegan cosmeceutical skin care line in the country. They have been enjoying consistent, record breaking growth since 2000 while working smarter and greener than ever to keep pace and stay in tune with their discerning buyers – they give thanks to you all and they are eternally grateful!

DeVita now moves into a whole new dimension of all natural skin care and beauty with the launch of their new all-natural line of cosmetics. So now more than ever, they offer this thought which has driven them all here since the beginning; Make it Clean. Make it Work. Make it Natural. Make it Exceptional… Make it DeVita!

Natural Skin Care
Guided by nature… driven by science.

DeVita Natural Skin Care – the most advanced, certified organic aloe vera based, 100% vegan, paraben free, all natural skin care line available.  DeVita has answered the challenge of providing a synergy of quality and style on the outside, with the best of what nature and cosmetic science has to offer on the inside, especially now, with their newly repackaged and invigorated skin care line.  On the inside DeVita features the most cutting-edge, results driven ingredients available, such as DMAE, Pentapeptides, Hyaluronic acid, and more, which provide the best in phyto-intensive skin nutrition.  On the outside they have 100% recycled paper boxes in their striking black plum and gold color palette, with beautiful recyclable glass bottles and non-leaching #2 recyclable plastic tubes – proving that natural beauty does not have to come in a burlap bag!  Offering a full line of skin specific products, DeVita answers a critical need for health conscious consumers searching to find a natural, clean, and effective skin care product line, because what you put on your skin can go into your body to affect your health and sense of well-being – either negatively or positively. You have the power to choose – so choose wisely – Choose DeVita.

Renewed and Recycled
Re-engineering of the DeVita brand was just the start. If the packaging was ok before, it leaps off the shelf now! They couldn’t be prouder of their new look. But as the cliché goes, beauty is more than skin deep. Here is why they are so excited by their package design(s).

First, they’ve designed their new packaging using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, further elevating the level of exclusivity of DeVita. Additionally, they have lined the boxes with fluting on most glass items to minimize breakage and it is also made with 100% post consumer recycled paper.

And the look? Just like the big girls on the block, DeVita now has a very consumer-inspired look, now printed on 100% recycled paper.

The boxes:
They have introduced one of their signature colors… elegant… exclusive… eggplant? Actually, black plum. In testing, these boxes created a unique emotional color response that deeply resonates with customers and allows the products to literally leap off the shelf, elegantly portraying quality through design. No more additional translations, soaking up space for the precious educational info they crave. Instead, there is the DeVita Story, a call out for the color cosmetic line, a full INCI disclosure of ingredients, all of the environmental info of the packaging and their newest feature that shares the vision of DeVita with every reader.

Of course, they have not omitted directions, any cautionary information, FDA regulatory info, expectations, etc. The following products are now in recyclable non-leaching tubes! Both flavors of Shea Butter Hand and Body Brulees (these items will also be made available as new SKUs in 3 oz. as well as the regular 6 oz. tubes), DeVita BodyBlock 30+ Sunblock, and the Gentle Aloe Facial Scrub. Additionally, their mask products are now available in 3 oz. tubes(!) while the 8 oz. glass jars will also remain available.

Any inserts needed in boxes to further educate with regard to a product has been printed on paper made from a calcium carbonate ,  aka: Rock - tree-free paper! Use of 100% recycled cardboard and paper, #2 PET and rock paper allows for a 100% Recycled and Recyclable line of products. Box bottom icons include their PETA designation, the Euro symbol (looks like a jar) for the number of months this product can live without fear of rancidity, the Made in America with the U.S.A. designation, a mark which looks like someone reading a book indicating additional educational material is available either on the inside of the box or on their website, and of course, the recycled symbol.

They are proud of the new DeVita. It’s been completely over-hauled and ready to be thrown away properly, but never forgotten.


  • Vegan- Donald Watson (1910–2005) first coined the phrase “vegan” in 1944.  Using the first three and last two letters of vegetarian, it was, as Watson put it, “the beginning and end of vegetarian.” Vegans are defined as “a vegetarian who eats no butter, eggs, cheese or milk”.  Products are considered “vegan” only if they are free of animal involvement.  There is disagreement among groups about the extent to which all animal products, particularly products from insects, must be avoided. DeVita’s skin care line is 100% Vegan and contain no animal based ingredients in any of their formulations.  They have two products in their color line (absolute LIPS lipsticks and absolute LENGTHS mascara) that contain small amounts of necessary beeswax, which was more preferable to use than synthetic beeswax.  They chose to classify these products as “vegetarian”, however, DeVita still remains 100% animal free.
  • Choose Cruelty Free- The heart shaped big ears and cute bunny face “Cruelty Free” logo means that DeVita is certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). It is a declaration and a guarantee to everyone that DeVita does not do any animal testing with any of their products (and neither do any of their suppliers)! They use volunteer human test subjects only.
  • Choose Cruelty Free- The passionate purple “Choose Cruelty Free” bunny means DeVita is certified by the Australian version of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). It just let’s people know on the other side of the equator that DeVita does not do any animal testing (and neither do any of their suppliers)! They use volunteer human test subjects only.
  • Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics- The Leaping Bunny logo and program means, again, that DeVita does not do any animal testing on their products, and neither do their ingredient suppliers. It is just a further commitment to the compassionate treatment of animals – everyone at DeVita are animal lovers; they are like their children – and so the Leaping Bunny logo just declares that again: NO ANIMAL TESTING, EVER! They use volunteer human test subjects only.
  • Natural Ingredient Resource Center- The NIRC seal means that DeVita has taken the “Truth in Labeling” Pledge, which means that they pledge to follow the NIRC Criteria for labeling natural ingredients and products (which means absolutely no synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or ingredients from petrochemicals, no parabens, no pesticides, etc..). The NIRC Guidelines mirror those established by the USDA for organic food.
  • Recycle- The circling arrow symbol means that DeVita believes in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – so they have tried to use recycled or recyclable items in as many areas as possible. Their 2010 new packaging effort features 100% recycled or recyclable paper boxes, glass bottles, and #2 recyclable certified non-leaching tubes.

DeVita's Policy on Animal Testing
No Animal Testing, Period.
DeVita was established in 1998 and they have not tested and do not intend to test any of the products in the DeVita Natural Skin Care products line on animals. As of February 2003, they are proud to join many manufacturers and distributors that can offer certification from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). When introducing new ingredients into their products, it is their policy to check that the ingredient has not been tested on animals in the last four years, and they would only include such ingredients if they comply with their policy.
Customer Safety and Alternative Tests – At DeVita Natural Skin Care, customer safety is also very important to us. In developing products, they use ingredients with a history of safe human use and natural ingredients like green tea. Their product ingredients are subject to non-animal tests such as Skintex or Eyetex, and are developed using controlled testing on carefully monitored groups of human volunteers.
The DeVita Rule – They also encourage ingredient suppliers to stop animal testing. They will not purchase any ingredient that they have tested or re-tested on animals for cosmetic purposes since at least 31st December 1990.

This Purchasing Rule meets and exceeds the Humane Cosmetics Standard (Corporate Standard of Compassion in the US) operated by leading animal groups including The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Doris Day Animal League (DDAL), and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The rule is not the same as the ‘fixed cut off date’ operated by a number of personal care companies. In their view, a conventional ‘fixed cut off date’ does little to persuade suppliers to stop animal testing. This is because ‘fixed date’ companies are concerned with the date an ingredient was first released and not necessarily with the last animal testing date. As a result, those companies may not monitor their suppliers testing practices. In effect, this means that ‘fixed date’ companies may purchase ingredients recently retested by their own suppliers. This would not happen under The DeVita Rule. However, no policy works without effective monitoring of ingredients and suppliers.

Enforcing Their Purchasing Rule – DeVita Natural Skin Care sends out supplier ingredient declarations every year. Their suppliers must certify that the ingredients they sell to us comply with their purchasing rule.

If, despite follow-up, a supplier fails to complete the declaration or reports conducting an animal test after 31st December 1990, they stop buying the ingredient from them and look for an alternative source that meets their purchasing rule. If no source can be found, and they cannot reformulate the product, they will stop making it.

What Does 100% Vegan Mean
Adopting a vegan diet means saying “no” to cruelty to animals and environmental destruction and “yes” to compassion and good health. It also means paying attention to the ingredients in your food, cosmetics, and other products. On the ingredients list below, the vegan alternatives were selected and used to formulate DeVita Natural Skin Care System skin care products and Absolute Minerals Color Cosmetics.

PETA’s list of animal ingredients and their alternatives helps consumers avoid animal ingredients in food, cosmetics, and other products. Please note, however, that it is not all-inclusive. There are thousands of technical and patented names for ingredient variations. Furthermore, many ingredients known by one name can be of animal, vegetable, or synthetic origin. If you have a question regarding an ingredient in a product, call the manufacturer. Good sources of additional information are A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives, or an unabridged dictionary. All of these are available at most libraries.

Adding to the confusion over whether an ingredient is of animal origin is the fact that many companies have removed the word “animal” from their ingredient labels to avoid putting off consumers. For example, rather than use the term “hydrolyzed animal protein,” companies may use another term such as “hydrolyzed collagen.” Simple for them, but frustrating for the caring consumer.

Animal ingredients are used not because they are better than vegetable-derived or synthetic ingredients, but because they are generally cheaper. Today’s slaughterhouses must dispose of the byproducts of the slaughter of billions of animals every year and have found an easy and profitable solution in selling them to food and cosmetics manufacturers.

Animal ingredients come from every industry that uses animals: meat, fur, wool, dairy, egg, and fishing, as well as industries such as horse racing and rodeo, which send unwanted animals to slaughter. Contact PETA for their factsheets or check out to learn more about the animals who suffer at the hands of these industries and what you can do to help these animals.

Rendering plants process the bodies of millions of tons of dead animals every year, transforming decaying flesh and bones into profitable animal ingredients. The primary source of rendered animals is slaughterhouses, which provide the “inedible” parts of all animals killed for food. The bodies of companion animals who are euthanized in animal shelters can wind up at rendering plants too.

Some animal ingredients do not wind up in the final product but are used in the manufacturing process. For example, in the production of some refined sugars, bone char is used to whiten the sugar; in some wines and beers, is in glass (from the swim bladders of fish) is used as a “clearing” agent.

If you’re new to this, don’t be surprised if your friends and family are at first put off by all the label-reading and ingredient-checking that you’re doing at restaurants and grocery stores. Explain your choices, but don’t run the risk of alienating would-be vegans by being overly fussy with waiters or debating someone over a small amount of one ingredient: It can make the decision to go vegan seem like a chore. Relax a bit. It’s probably not feasible for most people to completely eliminate all animal ingredients from their lives. Your goal as a vegan is to avoid animal ingredients whenever possible.

Suggested Use

For use without water morning and evening. Apply a liberal amount of DeVita’s Chamomile Cleansing Crème into palms. Begin by warming in palms of hands first, then gently placing flat of palms over the face to distribute. Gently massage in without pulling. Remove excess with cotton pads, water-dampened cotton pads, or with dry or dampened clean soft cloth, or rinse with water, which ever is desired. Repeat if needed. Removes most make-up; may require two applications to remove heavier eye make-up. Follow with DeVita toner and regular regime.

When trying any new products (DeVita or others), a patch test is always recommended. Choose a small area (inside of wrist, side of face back by lower jaw etc) for 2-3 days prior to fully using, especially if you have a history of sensitive skin or allergic reactions. Your skin is unique to only you - DeVita cannot guarantee that customers will not experience skin reactions to their products and cannot be held responsible should any occur.

Aloe barbadensis * (aloe vera gel), Aqua (purified water), Allantoin* extract, Anthemis nobilis* (chamomile) flower extract, Calendula officinalis (calendula) flower extract, Humulus lupulus (hops) flower extract, Glycerin (vegetable), Camellia sinensis (Japanese green tea) leaf extract, Capric/caprylic triglycerides (derived from coconut), Hydrolyzed wheat protein amino acids †, Lecithin phospholipid, Spirulina maxima (spirulina) extract, Fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack) extract, Usnea barbata (oak moss) extract, Vitis vinifera* (grape) seed extract. Ingredient labeling adheres to international INCI standards.

*Certified Organic


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About DeVita

DeVita specializes in high-tech natural therapeutic skin care products also known as "cosmeceuticals" which utilize organic and ethically wild crafted 100% pure essential oils, whole herb extracts and amino acids. We use a scientifically advanced botanical delivery system engineered by nature for optimum results...healthy, vibrant skin. DeVita, meaning "of life", is the philosophy behind our exclusive natural skin care product line, developed through this perfect combination of nature and science. We believe essential oils are truly gifts from nature, and cannot be duplicated. We are committed to delivering the best nature has to offer to our clients.


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