JR Watkins - Naturals Apothecary Body Butter Apricot & Pequi - 6 oz.

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JR Watkins - Naturals Apothecary Body Butter Apricot & Pequi - 6 oz.

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JR Watkins - Naturals Apothecary Body Butter Apricot & Pequi Oil - 6 oz. (170g)

Achieve ultra-nourishing, long-lasting moisturization with JR Watkins Natural Apothecary Body Butter Apricot & Pequi Oil, a natural body butter! Drench your skin with the rich moisturizing properties of Apricot & Pequi Oil Body Butter. Apricot kernel oil and anti-oxidant rich pequi oil work to protect, soothe and smooth skin. Extracted from the seeds of pequi fruit that grow abundantly in Brazil, pequi oil is rich in a unique combination of essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E. The perfect solution for dry skin in winter time or any time!

  • 96.9% natural
  • Brazilian grown pequi oil has been used for centuries to provide deep, long-lasting skin moisturization
  • Natural shea and cocoa butters moisturize
  • Unique formula combines natural oils, essential fatty acids and vitamins A and

Their goal is to provide consumers with personal care that is truly natural. Their formulas are at least 95% natural, with many 99% or more.Using renewable and plentiful ingredients from Mother Earth, they provide luxurious personal care products that are free of synthetic and irritating chemicals. Let J.R. Watkins pamper you from head to toe, naturally!

    On many of J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary products, you will see the seal of the Natural Products Association. This seal ensures compliance with the Natural Products Association's standard for personal care products. To gain certification, products must be formulated with at least 95% natural ingredients from renewable resources.Watkins is one of the first companies to gain this coveted certification.

    Watkins proudly formulates with:

    • Essential Oils
    • Shea & Cocoa Butters
    • Premium Beeswax
    • Royal Jelly Extract
    • Vitamins E & B5

    Natural Freedom Code:

    • 95% (or more) Natural
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free
    • Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free
    • Paraben Free
    • Phthalate Free
    • Mineral Oil, Petrolatum Free
    • Dye Free
    • Propylene Gylcol Free
    • Diethanolamine Free
    • Triethanolamine Free

    Frequently Asked Questions - J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care Line
    Why did Watkins develop this new line of natural cleaners?
    Natural/organic consumers are the fastest growing market today. It is the right thing to do for you, their customers. The U.S. Center for Health and Statistics reports that one in three people suffer from allergies, asthma or bronchitis. That means, 33% of their population suffers from respiratory problems.Using conventional cleaning products can cause additional respiratory irritation. By offering natural home care products, they are making a difference in your life and the air quality in your home.

    Are these products Green Seal Certified?
    They are currently looking into Green Seal certification and continue to research a variety of certifications that would compliment this line.

    Do these products contain natural or synthetic fragrance?
    J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care cleaners are fragranced with:

    • Lavender - Natural lavender and rosemary oils as well as natural fragrance
    • Lemon - Natural lemon and a very small amount of synthetic fragrance.
    • Aloe & Green Tea - A very small amount of synthetic fragrance.

    Do Watkins All-Purpose Cleaners disinfect?
    There are many theories about disinfectants.Some experts say that they are creating "Super Germs" with their constant disinfecting (meaning that the germs build a resistance to the chemicals and come back even stronger/bigger). Others argue that the chemicals they are using to kill the germs are just as harmful as the germs themselves.86% of people who use disinfecting cleaners don't let the disinfecting formula penetrate the surface. They spray and immediately wipe and as a result they don't get the disinfecting properties of the cleaner at all. They've spent a great deal of time researching this issue and they've found that the best way to keep germs at bay is with regular soap and water. Regular cleaning and maintenance are the best ways to disinfect your home.

    Is the Window Cleaner anti-static?
    The J.R. Watkins Natural Window Cleaners are not anti-static.

    Will the Tub and Tile Cleaner work on scum build up?
    If you have significant build up, they recommend letting the product sit on the surface so it can penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes. Then agitate if necessary and rinse. This product works great on glass shower doors, tile and fixtures.The product will perform best if you keep up with regular maintenance.

    Can the furniture cleaner be used on hardwood floors?
    Yes the J.R. Watkins Natural Furniture Polish can be used to clean all hard wood surfaces but they recommend testing the products in a small inconspicuous area prior to use.

    Do the Aloe and Green Tea products contain aloe vera?
    The J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care Cleaners do not contain aloe vera.Aloe and Green Tea is the fragrance, it is not an ingredient.

    Can the Aloe and Green Tea All-Purpose Wipes be used as personal care wipes?
    No, Watkins All-Purpose Wipes are for surface cleaning only.Please keep in mind that no Watkins product should ever be used in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

    The ingredients listed on the All-Purpose Cleaner and Window Cleaner labels are almost identical. What are the differences?
    There are several differences between their All-Purpose Cleaners and Window Cleaners.The primary point of difference is that their Window Cleaners contain an anti-streaking agent.Please remember that while Watkins does make every effort to list most of the natural ingredients, they do not specify every part of their proprietary formulas.

    Does JR Watkins Naturals brand packaging contain BPA?
    JR Watkins makes every effort to ensure their products are safe and environmentally friendly. All of their packaging is comprised of BPA free plastics and they do not source packaging that may contain BPA

    About J.R. Watkins
    Nestled in the Mississippi River Bluff town of Winona, MN., Watkins has been America's pioneer in natural living since 1868. As America's original natural apothecary manufacturer, Watkins uses only the finest natural ingredients in its diverse lines of personal care, home care, remedies, and organic flavorings.

    Committed to being America's most trusted natural products company, Watkins adheres strictly to the same quality standards set forth by its founder J.R. Watkins. J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary line of personal care contains only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients from renewable resources, avoiding chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates and more and, is one of very few lines to be certified by the Natural Products Association.

    Natural cleaners have also been a large part of its diverse product mix as far back as 1917, when the company first introduced Natural Vegetable Oil Soap made with pure vegetable oils and no animal bi-products, fillers or colors. Almost a century ago its advertisements boasted "Just pure soap, that's all"... and "Pure enough to eat! " As globally-minded as its customers, Watkins now aims to make household chores a little easier with its newest line of J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care cleaning products. Made with refreshing lemon and lavender oils and highly effective plant derived surfactants, Watkins diverse line of cleaners are safe and effective for your home and your family.

    Responsible manufacturing processes are as important as its commitment to providing natural, consumable items for everyday life. By utilizing gravity-fed filling, biodegradable packing materials, as well as recycling programs and much more, Watkins is devoted to leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible.

    Since moving from Plainview, Minnesota to Winona in 1885, Watkins has consistently been one of the largest employers in Southeastern, Minnesota. It has remained a leader and responsible contributor to not only its local community in Minnesota, but also to the world at large and continues to support educational, cultural and humanitarian efforts, including the United Way, Pacers, Kidstock, and many other not-profit organizations dedicated to making the world a better place.

    Suggested Use

    Ue to nourish skin.


    Water, Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, fragrance, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, Caryocar brasiliense (pequi) fruit oil, Orbignya oleifera seed oil, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, phenoxyethanol, sodium behenoyl lactylate, beeswax, allantoin, Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, glycerin, Calendula officinalis flower extract, Chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, Tilia cordata flower extract, Centaurea cyanus flower extract, Anthemis nobilis flower extract, Hypericum perforatum extract, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citric acid, sodium hydroxide.


    Winona, MN,
    Phone: 1-800-243-9423
    Email: Click here
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    About JR Watkins

    From a bluff high above the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota to the homes and hands of our grateful, hard–working, globally–minded customers comes the purity of Watkins. It´s wholesome, it´s refreshing and it´s never "doctored up" like some big city factory products. Watkins has been good and natural through and through since 1868.


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