Vermont Soapworks - Bar Soap Tea Tree - 3.25 oz.

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By Vermont Soapworks

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Vermont Soapworks - Bar Soap Tea Tree - 3.25 oz.

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Vermont Soapworks - Bar Soap Tea Tree - 3.25 oz. (92g)

Vermont Soapworks Bar Soap Tea Tree is made with organic oils. It is a complexion bar perfect for all skin types. 

It takes nearly a month to make a bar of Vermont Soapwork's soap. If you have sensitive skin, you will immediately appreciate the handmade soap difference. For your safety, all of Vermont Soapwork's soaps are detergent, sulfate, GMO, gluten, artificial fragrance and alcohol free. Vermont Soapworks never tests on animals.

  • Complextion Bar for All Skin Types
  • Potent for Many Skin Issues
  • Handmade with Organic Oils for Sensative Skin
  • Does Not Contain Detergent, or Sulfates
  • No Gluten, Artificial Fragrance or Alcohol
  • Cruelty Free & Eco-Friendly
  • Proud Sponsor of CancerEraser

Handmade soap is good for your sensitive skin!
The proof is in the pH. Vermont Soapworks handmade bar soaps (pH 10.01) have a healthy free fatty acid and triglyceride content. Studies have shown that after being washed with soap and water, free fatty acids help skin recover its natural pH balance faster.

Test Your Skin Type
Vermont Soapworks gets a lot of questions from people regarding skin type. First, not all of us have one specific skin type year in and year out. Oiliness and dryness can change with weather, hormonal cycles, diet, emotions, environmental sensitivities, disease and genetics. Many people get dry skin in the Winter and feel oily in the Summer. At other times you may want a medicinal bar. Sounds pretty natural! Adjust your soaps accordingly. You will probably find one or two Vermont Soapworks products that you use most often.

  • Take a cotton ball and moisten it with Witch Hazel or rubbing alcohol.
  • Rub the moist cotton along the side of your nose.
  • Wait ten minutes.
  • Repeat.
  • Examine the second cotton ball. If the cotton is dirty, you tend to have oily skin.
  • If the cotton is clean, you tend to have dry skin.

About Vermont Soapworks

Vermont Soap is a different kind of company. Their job is to make yummy stuff to replace all the yucky stuff that’s been clogging up our world. Every employee has a vested interest in bringing you the highest quality, most reasonably priced, natural and organic products possible.

They bring an ecological mindset to their day to day operations. Products do not appear out of a vacuum! Every raw material and ingredient is put under a microscope, literally and figuratively. And they take the same approach to the sourcing of their packaging. Vermont Soapworks uses materials, equipment and services produced in the US and local to us wherever feasible. Green is a process, not a result. Vermont Soapworks is there with you on your journey toward a non-toxic work and home environment.

Suggested Use

Wet, lather and rinse.

For external use only.

Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary Extract Preservative, Organic Aloe Vera


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About Vermont Soapworks

Vermont Soap Organics produces USDA Approved, Certified Organic alternatives to the often irritating, chemical and detergent based personal care products now in general use. We manufacture handmade cold process bar soaps for sensitive skin, liquid soaps for skin and cleaning, the first truly organic shower gels, numerous organic nontoxic cleaners and much more.

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