Jim's Organic Coffee - Whole Bean Coffee French Roast - 11 oz.

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By Jim's Organic Coffee

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Jim's Organic Coffee - Whole Bean Coffee French Roast - 11 oz.

  • Item# : 122182
  • UPC# : 631429006214
  • Brand: Jim's Organic Coffee
  • Size/Form: 11 oz.
  • Ship Weight: 0.80
  • Flavor: French Roast

Jim's Organic Coffee Whole Bean Coffee French Roast - 12 oz. (340 g)

Jim's Organic Coffee Whole Bean Coffee French Roast in one word is quintessential. It has a big, full flavor with a slightly carbonized taste. Jim's Organic Coffee Whole Bean Coffee French Roast is roasted to lightly release oils from the bean.  

  • Whole Bean / Blend
  • Dark Roast
  • Kosher
  • USDA Organic
  • B Corporation
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fairly Traded

A True Organic Experience! Fairly-traded, socialy responsible, deliciously brewed.
Jim's Organic Coffee uses their single origins in varying blends and roasts to create unique tastes where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. While their listing is extensive, it never repeats itself; each and every one of their blends and roasts is distinguishable with its own spirit, personality, and taste. 

Drink Up.  Feel Good.  Jim's Organic Coffee.

What Makes Jim's Special
With over 25 years coffee experience (18 as all-organic), Jim has created unique blends, found amazing single origins, and continues to push the envelope of providing better and better coffees. They were founded on a principle that the greatest justice we can do for the organic movement is to provide their customers with great tasting coffee. And that principle continues today.

Don’t just take their word for it. Jim's has grown from humble beginnings selling to independent natural foods stores to now becoming a standard bearer in the natural foods trade. In addition, they are proud to have taken organic coffee outside its traditional ‘roots’ to be available in some of the finest markets, coffee houses, hotels, and restaurants in the US.

Jim's was recently awarded the Stellar Organic Award for “Best Organic Coffee” by Organic Foods Retailer Magazine. They humbly appreciate this as it speaks to them from their customers; those who appreciate the value of organic production, and those who appreciate a great cup of coffee.

Organic coffee improves the ecosystem of the farms and surrounding communities through improved water quality, topsoil retention, and increased biodiversity. The organic coffees Jim's selects they meticulously craft roast to consistently deliver you a rich, full and clean cup. They do all the things (and more!) you would expect from an all-organic company; their coffee is shade grown, they ethically source, they use renewable energy in their plant, their packaging contains plant based materials, and they support specific projects in coffee origins. And they do all this with a smile on their collective faces in the knowledge that each cup of coffee is a bridge between humans, plants, and cultures that brings a little bit of joy each and every day.

Certified Organic

All of the coffees Jim's purchases are certified organic by a USDA/National Organic Program accredited certifying agency. In addition, they are a USDA/National Organic Program roasting facility. (Oregon Tilth is our accredited certifying agency). They inspect annually to ensure organic claims are met.

In order for farms to become certified organic, they must meet rigorous standards for organic production including mulching, topsoil quality, pest management, water quality and use, processing, and transportation. Organic Farmers must be committed to the ideal because it takes a full three years to obtain organic certification. Organic farmers see the benefits of organic not just in the beauty and environmental benefits on the farm, but in the price premiums they obtain on the open market. Organic farmers receive a premium of between 15 and 35 percent over their conventional counterparts. And we are all too happy to pay these premiums, provided of course that the quality is there.

Organic farming and production requires a social aspect too. International organic principles emphasize that those involved in organic agriculture should conduct human relationships in a manner that ensures fairness at all levels and to all parties - farmers, workers, processors, distributors, traders and consumers. Organic agriculture should provide everyone involved with a good quality of life, and contribute to food sovereignty and reduction of poverty. It aims to produce a sufficient supply of good quality food and other products.

Jim's Organic Coffee is a company with an all-organic heritage. Jim Cannell, the founder, owner, and President started the first all-organic coffee company in 1992. And they remain committed to that all-organic ideal, not just for the benefits it provides to farms, but to the cup quality these amazing coffees produce.

Through their travels and shared stories with organic farmers worldwide, Jim's has seen the postitive impact that organic coffee has on the environment. But the benefits dont end there. They have discovered so many more reasons why organic coffee is simply better:

  • Organic coffees are more resilient to draught in bad years
  • Organic coffee has significantly more species and biodiversity on the farms
  • Organic coffee requires more labor and thus puts more people  to work in less developed countries
  • Organic coffee even increases coffee yields in the long run

Soooo... Who's Jim?

In 1985, Jim Cannell happened upon the coffee industry by chance when, while seeking work in Manhattan's Wall Street district, he was gruffly told by his future boss "OK kid, here's a desk, pick up the phone." Thus an odyssey in the green (unroasted) coffee business began.

In 1992, with a knowledge of coffee and a desire to roast organic, Jim started his own roasting company. Just two years of growth and success attracted the attention of a larger company who made a merger offer which made a great deal of sense. After working for the larger company for a short time, Jim felt his coffee and customers were better served in a way where he could keep a sharper eye on quality, and Jim's Organic Coffee was born.

Jim’s passion for organic coffee comes from the real sense that we are all part of one ecosystem; and that the decisions we all make have effects on other places and people. Jim is not preachy about organic coffee, it is just what he wants to be part of in the coffee business; and fortunately he is not alone.

Suggested Use

Use 2 tablespoons ground coffee per 6 oz. cup. Adjust to taste. Use good water, spring or cold tap.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Whole coffee beans, Complex Blend, Dark Roast.

21 Patterson Brook Road
West Wareham, MA,
Phone: 800-999-9218
Email: Click here
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About Jim's Organic Coffee

Jim's coffee experience allows you to be safe and secure in the knowledge that Jim's organic coffee comes from a proven coffee merchant, one who guarantees quality, one who supports organic for the 'right' reasons, and one who is constantly striving to deliver you the best product possible. And, with Jim's organic coffee your enjoyment goes beyond taste, and into peace of mind… Jim's organic coffee roasts, packs, and distributes exclusively certified organic coffee.

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