Sun Chlorella - Wild Sun Eleuthero 200 mg. - 300 Tablets

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Sun Chlorella - Wild Sun Eleuthero 200 mg. - 300 Tablets

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Sun Chlorella Wild Sun Eleuthero 200 mg. - 300 Tablets

Sun Chlorella Wild Sun Eleuthero is part of a 2,000-year-old tradition passed on from ancient times, has gained the recognition of Western researchers and continues to gather the interest and popularity of people everywhere who are interested in good nutrition and health. Eleuthero grows wild in rich organic soil in China, Russia, and the northernmost part of Japan, and Sun Eleuthero tablets com from the root of the planet where its nutrients are concentrated.

Sun Chlorella Tablets...

  • Boast 93-95% digestibility thanks to Pulverized Chlorella by DYNO-Mill. Because this uses no heat or enzymes, only pressure changes, the chlorella loses no nutrients and gains no contaminants.
  • Are made from grade A chlorella grown outdoors in man-made pools for optimum photosynthesis and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) concentration.
  • Give you chlorella's unique nutrient, CGF, a mixture of nucleic acids, beta glucans and other compounds that help your body renew itself.
  • Give you 22 vitamins and minerals, protein (including all 9 of the essential amino acids) and healthy fats.
  • Supply you with the only form of B12 your body can use. Vegans, take note: Chlorella is the only known food to produce this form.
  • Support immune health, comfortable joint movement, sharp thinking and memory, healthy digestion, clear vision, and more.
  • Help your body remove toxins.
  • Are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, children and older adults.
  • Boost your energy levels safely.
  • Have a mild taste even kids enjoy.
  • Come packaged in a carefully designed recyclable foil hermetically sealed pouch, with food grade plastic, and cardboard box to keep tablets intact and fresh.

Chlorella is no ordinary supplement. First of all, it's actually a whole food. Unlike most vegetables where you only eat the buds or the leaves or the roots, with chlorella you eat everything. You get the entire life force of the powerful little plant. This means that with each bite of chlorella, your body get a wealth of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, special fiber and other vital nutrients. All the wide-ranging nutrition your body needs.

You get a broad spectrum of nutrition with each tablet, including:

  • Carotenoids like vitamin A (beta-carotene) and alpha-carotene, and lutein
  • Powerful antioxidant vitamins C, D, E and even the elusive vitamin K
  • A higher concentration of chlorophyll than any other plant on planet Earth. And the super antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid
  • The brain-healthy, energizing B-vitamins - thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine (B6), niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, choline.
  • The only form of B12 our bodies will digest - a form not found in any other plant
  • Minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron
  • More protein per ounce than steak
  • The favorite fibrous food of probiotic bacteria, inositol
  • Healthy fats like alpha-linolenic acid, oleic acid, a balanced supply of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Nucleic acids for building DNA and RNA

When your body gets this kind of rich nutrition, it thrives. Like a well-maintained car, your body gets the fuel adn materials so it can perform at its best.

Health Benefits of Sun Chlorella

Adding Sun Chlorella into your daily regimen will help benefit your overall health. Sun Chlorella benefits include a variety of health-boosting effects, but the most notable are increased energy and improved digestion. Not only that, Sun Chlorella includes chlorophyll which has the ability to help detoxify you body, ridding the body of toxins present in our food as well as in the environment, as these toxins and heavy metals bind to chlorella. Another benefit of Sun Chlorella is that it is a whole food which contains high concentrations of certain vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, and protein.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a strain of green algae that grows in fresh water. This Superfood emerged over 540 million years ago, and was the first form of plant life with a well-defined nucleus. There are fossils from the pre-Cambrian period that clearly indicate the presence of chlorella. Because chlorella is a microscopic organism, it was not discovered until the late 19th century, deriving its name from the Greek, chloros meaning green and ella, meaning small. Chlorella belongs to the eucaryotic cell category of algae and lives in fresh water as a single-celled plant. Its size is about that of a human erythrocyte (between 2-8 microns in diameter). Of the 25,000 species of algae, only 15 are edible.

Why You Should Take Sun Chorella
Sun Chlorella has the powerful ability to help detoxify your body. Since additives are almost impossible to avoid in today's food supply, it's important to take Sun Chlorella regularly. In fact, they highly recommend that you take a serving of Sun Chlorella with each meal, because whatever pesticide may be in the food that you are eating can be absorbed by the chlorella, and may not even get a chance to be absorbed into your body. These chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe bind to the chlorella, and are then excreted through our stool, urine and sweat. One serving of Sun Chlorella is equivalent to one serving of fresh green vegetables (without the pesticides)!

A Superior Strain
Sun Chlorella is Chlorella pyrenoidosa - a nutritionally superior species of chlorella. Their exclusive Sun Chlorella strain of chlorella pyrenoidosa is a Superfood derived from freshwater single-celled green algae, and is packed with naturally occurring key vitamins & antioxidants including: vitamin C, pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene), chlorophyll, lutein, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine (B6), niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B12, biotin, choline, lipoic acid, and inositol; certain minerals including: phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium,and iron; protein, dietary fiber, nucleic acids, omega fatty acids, and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).

Sun Chlorella Questions & Answers

How is this superfood made?
Chlorella is grown in carefully controlled manmade pools in the tropical environment of Taiwan. Then, through a series of steps, it is checked for purity, sterilized, and dried. Finally, its cell wall is pulverized using our DYNO-Mill process. Relying only on pressurization, this process uses no heat, chemicals or enzymes. Without this pulverization process, your body could not enjoy the full nutrition found in chlorella. Their manufacturing process has been developed (and continues to be refined) through a vision of excellence.

We take particular care in using the best manufacturing techniques, equipment and protocols to:

  • Minimize the nutritional losses; and
  • Maximize the gains in order to give you the best nourishment from chlorella.

How long before I notice more energy from this natural energy booster?
Everyone is a little different. How soon you notice more energy depends on your lifestyle, your eating habits, and your health in general. But as your body enjoys the spectacular nourishment of chlorella, you'll start to feel the vitality chlorella can bring.

How much Sun Chlorella should I take per day?
They recommend a serving of 3 grams of Sun Chlorella/day. This will give you the amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and special nutrients that has been demonstrated to give you optimum health benefits. This is the equivalent of fifteen (15) 200mg tablets; six (6) 500 mg tablets or one sachet of Sun Chlorella granules. They also recommend that you work up to the 3 grams per day over the course of three weeks to allow your body to adjust to chlorella's fiber and powerful nutrition

I notice there is soy in Sun Chlorella products. Isn't soy bad for you?
The soy lecithin in Sun Chlorella is derived from soybeans that were not genetically modified (non-GMO) and there is less than 3% soy lecithin per serving. Additonally, there are many benefits of lecithin.

  • Helps the body utilize fat soluble vitamins
  • Helps maintain a healthy nervous system
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Aids in the digestion of fat

Is 15 tablets a day too many?
No. In the long run, they recommend a serving size of 3 grams of Sun Chlorella per day. This will give you the amount of special nutrients demonstrated to give you optimum health benefits.

Should I take Sun Chlorella as a substitute for my multi-vitamin?
Sun Chlorella is not a multi-vitamin replacement. While it has a broad spectrum of nutrition, with high levels of certain specific nutrients, it dosen't necessarily give you everything you need in a supplement. Furthermore, while it won't necessarily replace a multivitamin, it can help you get more out of your other supplements and your overall diet.

  • Its special support for probiotic bacteria will enhance digestion and absorption of the nutrition you're getting from your food and supplements
  • Its chlorophyll and fiber will help your body remove everyday environmental toxins that slow down digestion and other functions in your body. Unlike most supplements, it not only gives you special nutrition but helps you get rid of what your body dosen't need.

What are superfoods?
Superfoods are foods that are able to perform amazing feats when it comes to supporting your health. Just like Superman's ability to lift trains amd airplanes, superfoods put super nutrition muscle into lifting your health up.

Superfoods can do this heavy lifting because:

  1. They have a huge concentration of phytochemicals, special plant molecules associated with a range of protective health benefits
  2. They provide a broad spectrum of nutrition not found in many other foods. In addition to special phytochemicals and antioxidants, they may also provide an excellent supply of protein and/or other macronutrients
  3. They include special unique compounds that seem to help your body optimize how it functions

What chlorella benefits will I notice?
Chlorella benefits your body from head to toe. When you start to take chlorella, you may feel more energy, see changes in your skin and hair, sleep better...You'll be amazed at how good you feel. Many of their customers report surprising their doctor with their excellent health.

What is chlorella growth factor?
Deep in the heart of each chlorella cell's nucleus is a unique complex called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF contains a rich mix of nucleic acids, beta glucans and other special compounds. It's found nowhere else. Only chlorella has it.

When I compare chlorella products, Sun Chlorella is more expensive. Why?
You may see other forms of chlorella out there promising its rich nutrition at a lower price. But more likely tha not, you aren't getting the same value they offer. No other company can match their high standards of quality, purity, and digestibility. Their DYNO-Mill processing ensures you get the most nutrition out of chlorella. With this process they achieve a rate of 95%-99% pulverized cell wall. Without thorough cell wall breakdown, you can't get access to all the rich nutrition inside.

But this is just one step. Sun Chlorella sets the bar high every step along the way in how it cultivates and processes chlorella. Finally, because they know their customers are discerning health consumers, they invest heavily in research. This way they can continue to learn more about the health applications of this fantastic super food and share this information with you so you can apply it to taking care of your health.

When will I start to notice the benefits of chlorella?
Sun Chlorella starts working from your very first serving. But while some people experience immediate changes, you may not notice the benefits right away. It can take some time for your body to put all this good nutrition to use. Keep in mind that if you've been robbing your body of good nutrition for years, it's going to take some time to build things back up and see the full effects. However, the longer that you take the product, and the more consistent you are with it, the more benefits you will experience. While it varies from person to person, they recommend you give the product at elast 3-6 months to get a full sense of what it can do for you.

Why doesn't Sun Chlorella granules dissolve in water?
Sun Chlorella Granules have the same nutritional profiles and effectiveness as Sun Chlorella tablets. The DYNO-Mill process utilized in breaking down the outer cell wall of Sun Chlorella ensures maximum digestibility of either form (tablet or granule). They are simply the powedered chlorella before it's turned into tablets.

So, just like the original algae won't dissolve in the water, Sun Chlorella Granules won't dissolve in water. They are not like salt, sugar or other compounds that break down into solution when mixed with water. Chlorella granules maintain their integrity. So instead of dissolving them in a drink, you can still sprinkle them on a salad or mix them into a smoothie. Two great ways to enjoy their good nutition.

About Sun Chlorella

Since 1969 Sun Chlorella has been making chlorella available as a nourishing whole food. Winner of many awards, including the highly competitive Monde Selection three years in a row, Sun Chlorella has led the supplement industry in innovation, attention to detail, quality and safety. They see pursuit of excellence as an ongoing challenge – they know they can always find ways to do things better in order to give you a better experience with their products. Sun Chlorella USA, located in Torrance, California, is one of many corporate offices spread out worldwide. They continue their founder, Hideo Nakayama's, original company vision of supporting good health and full enjoyment of life by making chlorella available to people around the world!
Suggested Use

Sun Chlorella recommends a total of 15 tablets per day.

Keep out of reach of children.

Sun Chlorella Wild Sun Eleuthero 200 mg. - 300 Tablets
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 15 Tablets
Servings Per Container: 20
Amount Per Serving %DV*
Calories 10
Total Carbohydrates 3 g 1%*
Dietary Fiber 2 g 8%*
Calcium 25 mg 2%
Eleuthero root 2.1 g +
+Daily Value Not Established.
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Pullulan, Canola oil, Soy polysaccharide, Glycerin

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About Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella's products are bursting with the most precious gifts nature has to offer—natural, honest-to-goodness nutrition that are gentle to your body. Everyone knows eating balanced meals is fundamental to a healthy life style. At times your busy schedule may force you to eat poorly, preventing you from getting all the vital nutrients your body needs. Poor nutrition weakens your immune system, making you vulnerable to stress and illnesses. Remember, your health is your most precious asset. This is true regardless of your age, gender, or nationality. Make Sun Chlorella an essential part of your active life style, and you can enjoy Mother Nature’s ultimate gift to us—the gift of optimum health.

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