The Pill Bag - The Pill Bag Sanitary Reclosable Bag - 100 Bags

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By The Pill Bag

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The Pill Bag - The Pill Bag Sanitary Reclosable Bag - 100 Bags

  • Item# : 76790
  • UPC# : 810570000023
  • Brand: The Pill Bag
  • Size/Form: 100 Bags
  • Ship Weight: 0.25
The Pill Bag is a convenient replacement for your pill container, pill box, or pill case. It is best when used on a daily basis or while traveling. It is disposable, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and is a visible, feel-able reminder to take your pills.

On the outside of the bag, you will find a convenient spot to label the bag with information about its contents. When you're done taking a pill, simply dispose of the more having to carry around those heavy pill cases wherever you go!

Buyers have found many other uses for this product such as storing stamps, buttons, floss, hard candy, gum, change, screws, nuts, bolts, ect. The design, construction and versatility of this product cannot be beat.


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About The Pill Bag

Several men were discussing a common problem - how to carry pills/vitamins, etc., and avoid nasty pitfalls from flimsy tissue, or cumbersome pill boxes? Saturated by useless, tried and not true alternatives, the idea of the ThePillBag was born. What could be a better solution to end digging into pockets for pills that were encased in tissues, or wrapped in foil like some messy candy? What product was available that could match the ease, cleanliness and portability of ThePillBag? None!! Thus the birth of the pill bag.


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