Sunshine Spa - Herbal Salt Scrub Vanilla - 23 oz.

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Sunshine Spa - Herbal Salt Scrub Vanilla - 23 oz.

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Sunshine Spa - Herbal Salt Scrub Vanilla - 23 oz. (652 g)

Sunshine Spa Vanilla Herbal Salt Scrub is a blend of Dead Sea salt and herbal infusions. Give your skin the gift of radiance. Gently exfoliate and deeply moisturize your body with fine granules of mineral-rich Sea Salt and a nourishing blend of Ayurvedic Oils. The soothing aroma of Lavender calms the body and mind, deeply relaxing all your senses. Experience the luxury of this wonderful Spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Let Sunshine Spa Reveal Your Most Radiant Self
Sunshine gives us warmth. It lights our way. It gives us life, nurtures us, and helps us grow. With this inspiration, Sunshine Spa has created their line of skin care and hair care products. These pure and simple formulas are designed to work in harmony with nature. Give your body the fresh and natural pampering it deserves.

Created to exfoliate, moisturize and nourish the skin, these Herbal Salt Scrubs smooth away dull and dry skin from the surface, uncovering the healthy and radiant skin beneath. Your skin is left feeling silky smooth, deeply moisturized and glowing with good health.

Five Therapies in One Special Product!
Sunshine Spa Herbal Salt Scrubs incorporate the luxury of five different therapies used for centuries to heal the body and mind. By bringing these ancient healing modalities together, they have created unique product for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Dead Sea Salt
    Each of Sunshine Spa's Herbal Salt Scrubs contain world-renowned Dead Sea Salt gathered from the protected Dead Sea. These precious salts are revered for their incredibly high mineral content, as well as for the healing and restorative effects they are known to have on the body.
  2. Herbal Infusions
    Herbs have been used for over 5,000 years by the people of every continent to heal the body and mind. Sunshine Spa has incorporated the power of select herbal infusions into these Herbal Salt Scrubs for their traditional healing properties.
  3. Aromatherapy
    The ancient art of using particular fragrances to heal the body and mind is called Aromatherapy. This science of healing has been practiced for thousands of years, and is now gaining great popularity in the West. Each Sunshine Spa Herbal Salt Scrub has been infused with a specific aromatherapy known to have a particular effect on the body and mind.
  4. Ayurvedic Oil Blend
    Sunshine Spa is known for its incredible Ayurvedic blend of six different all-natural oils, which is very high in natural vitamins. These oils are known to bring balance to the body, while deeply moisturizing the skin. Thought of as "Food for the Skin," Sunshine Spa oils actually feed your skin the nutrients needed to stay young and healthy.
  5. Natural Vitamin E
    Known for its antioxidant properties and its amazing ability to heal the skin, Vitamin E has quickly become one of the single most important ingredients in beauty products. Feeding the skin this valuable vitamin is said to slow the signs of aging, heal the skin on a cellular level and help the skin build resistance to the toxins found in air and water.

Sunshine Spa's Mission
Sunshine Spa is founded on and dedicated to a sustainable corporate concept of linked prosperity. Their mission consists of 3 interrelated parts:

  • Product Mission
    To make, distribute and sell the finest quality natural, organic and fair trade bath and body products with a continued commitment to incorporating organic, natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect People, the Earth and the Environment.
  • Economic Mission
    To operate the Company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for their stakeholders and expanding opportunities for prosperity, development and career growth for their employees.
  • Social Mission
    To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society and its impact on the environment by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally & internationally.

Central To The Mission Of Sunshine Spa is the belief that all three parts must thrive equally in a manner that commands deep respect for individuals in and outside the company and supports the communities of which they are a part.

Suggested Use

In the shower or bath, moisten skin with lukewarm water. Apply scrub generously, and gently massage in a circular motion. Wash off any excess granules to reveal smooth, silky, nourished skin.

Please exercise caution during use, as product can make sufaces slippery. Avoid contact with eyes.

Natural Sea Salt, (Expeller Pressed Almond Oil, High Oleic Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil), Dead Sea Salt, Basil Leaf, Ginkgo Leaf, Sage Leaf, Natural Vitamin E & Fragrance.

No Propylene Glycol, No Parabens, 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free


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About Sunshine Spa

Recreate the healing treatments of world-class spas in the privacy of your own home with Sunshine Spa body care products. Drawing on Ayurvedic principles, Sunshine Spa herbalists have carefully formulated these bath and body oils to enhance beauty by restoring and repairing the skin.

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