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Earth Friendly - ECOS 2x Ultra Laundry Detergent Free and Clear - 100 oz. (2.957 L)

Earth Friendly ECOS Ultra All Natural Laundry Detergent is formulated to be the purest, greenest, most effective 100% natural detergent. With its neutral pH, platn-based ECOS cleans to the most exacting standards, yet is extremely gentle on fabrics. Designed to quickly remove ground-in dirt and stains, ECOS is ultra concentrated: requires only one ounce per HE load.

ECOS Free & Clear has the same load yields as the regular ECOS, but does not contain any essential oils for fragrance, nor does it contain any coconut based fabric softener. ECOS Free & Clear is for people with strong sensitivities to fragrance, fabric softeners, or cellulose optical brighteners. The pH for ECOS Free & Clear is neutral. No coloring is added. Because natural ingredients are used color and consistency may vary. ECOS Free & Clear can be used in front loaders and high efficiency wash machines. ECOS Free & Clear can be used in grey water systems and is septic system safe.

Earth Friendly ECOS Ultra Laundry Detergent Features:

  • 1,4-Dioxane Free
  • Phosphate, Formaldehyde and Petrochemical Free
  • Safe in All Temperatures
  • Kind to Sensitive Skin
  • Neutral pH
  • Plant-Based, Non-Polluting Ingredients
  • Low-Sudsing: Excellent High Efficiency Performance
  • Septic Safe - Greywater Safe
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Recyclable Bottle and Cap

Earth Friendly's Pledge
Earth Friendly pledges that their products are environmentally responsible, work well and provide value. Earth Friendly will never test on animals or use animal ingredients. Earth Friendly will conduct business in a socially responsible manner that safeguards the earth.

Earth Friendly's Company
Earth Friendly Products: A short history
Earth Friendly's family began by making cleaners for industrial use before Corvettes had fins. When your grandmother was wearing a poodle skirt and drinking a float at the soda fountain, they were earning their first patents

Decades later, when Jimi Hendrix turned rock upside down and played guitar with his teeth, Earth Friendly started their own quiet rebellion. Earth Friendly decided: only cleaners that were plant-based.  Only paper that was recycled. Only products not tested on animals, period.

Does it sound boring to say Earth Friendly is family owned and operated? Because what it means to them is that it's personal. Earth Friendly has been around, well – seems like forever. Earth Friendly knows how to make cleaners that CLEAN, paper goods that work (with 80% post-consumer content, and that's good,) detergents that won’t harm a fiber of your clothing, and a phosphate-free auto dish soap that won't etch anything. Ever.

Earth Friendly is earth friendly products. Green. Clean. And really, really good at both.

Other Things You Should Know About Earth Friendly
Earth Friendly Products is a "champion" in the eyes of the Environmental Protection Agency and its Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative, or SDSI. Earth Friendly is committed to the use of safe surfactants (wetting agents in detergent “that break down quickly to non-polluting compounds and help protect aquatic life in both fresh and salt water,” as the EPA says). In accordance with SDSI, their products are readily biodegradable, non-toxic, free of phosphates, and have a neutral pH. Because they are plant-based and petroleum-free, their surfactants do not bio-accumulate or mimic human hormones.

Earth Friendly is very proud to have won awards and recognition, including:

  • Being chosen as one of the “Best in the Green” products by Avalon Communications (2007).
  • Best line of cruelty-free household products from PETA (2007).
  • Readers’ Choice Award from Natural Home Magazine for best cleaning products (2002).
  • Quality Institute International (American Culinary Institute) 2002/2003 Gold Performance Award/Medal for best citrus-based cleaners.
  • Socially Responsible Business Award (2003)

Earth Friendly Products has international distribution of a retail line of over 60 household products, an industrial/bulk Pro-Line of over 25 products, and a Natural Pet Care Line of 16 items. Earth Friendly's products may be purchased at a variety of retail outlets and on their web site.

  • FIRST To eliminate 1,4 Dioxane, a carcinogen, from all products.
  • FIRST To stop use of salts in all cleaners, an action necessary to protect water supplies.
  • FIRST To eliminate Formaldehyde, a pernicious toxin.
  • FIRST / ONLY To introduce a patented neutral pH automatic dishwashing product, WAVE Gel.
  • TOP SELLING Green Laundry product worldwide, ECOS laundry detergent.
  • ONLY Green manufacturer with plants strategically located in 5 regions.
  • FIRST To generate more than 50% of their plant electrical needs by using solar panels.
  • FIRST In sustainability.
  • ONLY Green primary manufacturing company. Earth Friendly're a one-link supply chain. They don't contract their manufacturing to others. They control the entire process. Earth Friendly responds to new research and customer preferences immediately.

Earth Friendly's Mission
Earth Friendly Products will create products for home and personal use that are derived from replenishable resources. They pledge to provide customers with products that will provide efficacy, value, and are environmentally-responsible. They will never test on animals or use animal ingredients in their products. And Earth Friendly will conduct their business in a socially responsible manner that safeguards the earth, and all its inhabitants.

Suggested Use
Suggested Use
For tough spots and stains, pour some ECOS directly onto stained area, rub lightly and wash as usual. Effective in high heat to 185°F (85°C). For HE machines use Line 1. For Standard machines use Line 2.


Keep out of reach of children.

100% natural anionic coconut kernel oil-based surfactant & purified water.
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Average Customer Rating: (5 out of 5)

Based on 14 rating(s)
14 of 14 (100%) of customers said they would recommend this product to a friend.
  • By Irina ( Manhattan, NY)
    7/29/2009 12:00:00 AM

    I recommend this product!
    I use this stuff to launder my son's prefold diapers. Works like a charm. It doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it that would irritate his skin, and with a tad of baking soda, it entirely eliminates that yukky diaper smell. Great product!
  • By Christina ( , )
    7/12/2009 12:00:00 AM

    I recommend this product!
    This stuff works REALLY well! Before this, I was using "ALL Free & Clear". This stuff is better by far and doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it! This is the first detergent that I felt completely comfortable and worry free using on my pet's bedding AND the first and only detergent that left my Ferret's stinky bedding clean and fresh! Every other detergent I've ever used, including perfume detergents, would still leave an overwhelming ferret odor on the bedding and in my dryer. This detergent got them so clean that There was no lingering odor! I'm totally impressed and will be purchasing this again!! I highly recommend!
  • By Caitlin ( Centennial, CO)
    6/12/2011 8:08:52 PM

    I recommend this product!
    I love using detergents that are natural. This one is great!
  • By Joan ( North Chelmsford, MA)
    6/19/2011 7:09:26 PM

    I recommend this product!
    This is still pretty good but I found myself using a lot more Oxy booster even for just my clothes and not the work clothes. So I'll probably stick to 7th Gen.
  • By Kelsey ( Elgin, TX)
    6/19/2011 10:05:58 PM

    I recommend this product!
    Love this detergent. Easy on my skin, cleans my clothes well.
  • By CYNTHIA ( Sarasota, FL)
    3/29/2012 11:18:22 AM

    I recommend this product!
    Great laundry detergent. It gets my clothes clean and does not hurt the environment.
  • By Gabrielle ( Cpe Girardeau, MO)
    6/27/2012 4:21:28 PM

    I recommend this product!
    Awesome detergent!
  • By carrie ( Pgh, PA)
    8/2/2012 2:17:31 PM

    I recommend this product!
    A little goes a long way! Great value for the money!
  • By Carey ( Davie, FL)
    8/9/2012 3:39:02 PM

    I recommend this product!
    Healthy way to wash clothes and works will
  • By Nicole ( Alexandria, VA)
    10/8/2012 11:58:52 AM

    I recommend this product!
    This isn't a real stain-fighter, but it gets your clothes clean. There is absolutely no smell or residue afterward. Because the price is so good, I might buy it again for my regular laundry. For tougher grime -- like cleaning cloth diapers -- I would look elsewhere.
  • By Marybeth ( East Haddam, CT)
    11/3/2012 7:00:31 PM

    I recommend this product!
    I've overall been pleased with this detergent. It gets my clothes clean (ground in dirt stains need extra treatment but it's very good on grease stains) and there are no harmful ingredients.
  • By Na'ama ( Somerset, NJ)
    3/4/2013 12:42:03 PM

    I recommend this product!
    I like this product bought it few times. I would highly recommend it.
  • By Amanda ( Round Lake, IL)
    5/20/2013 9:48:23 AM

    I recommend this product!
    This works well, gets our clothes clean, and does not irritate my daughter's skin. My workout clothes, the kids play clothes, all come out clean! It is not the best stain fighter, but if I pretreat right away with this soap I have great success.
  • By Denise ( Hobbs, NM)
    4/8/2014 1:38:28 PM

    I recommend this product!
    a little goes a long way
Manufacturer Info
About Earth Friendly

There’s clean and then there’s honest clean. In 1993, John E. Vlahakis founded Earth Friendly products with a simple mission: to provide high quality cleaning products that are absolutely safe for your family, your pets and the environment, made with replenishable ingredients and that compete with the majors in performance, price and convenience. In just 10 years, Earth Friendly products has international distribution of a retail line of over 60 household products, an industrial/bulk pro-line of over 25 products, and a natural pet care line of 16 items. Earth Friendly products give you an honest-to-goodness, power-packed clean without toxins, petrochemicals, bleach, ammonia, phosphates or other harmful ingredients.


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